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Richardson electricity rates

The Choose Texas Power marketplace is an easy-to-use tool to help you find and compare affordable energy plans in Richardson. With our site, you can browse current electricity rates from a variety of trusted electricity companies serving your area.

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Compare Richardson Electricity Rates

Express Energy - Flash 12 12 months $0.107 / kWh
Discount Power - Bill Credit Bundle 24 24 months $0.107 / kWh
Frontier Utilities - Frontier Saver Plus 24 24 months $0.107 / kWh
4Change Energy - Maxx Saver Select 24 24 months $0.107 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Eco Saver Plus 12 12 months $0.107 / kWh
Veteran Energy - Valor 36 36 months $0.128 / kWh
Flagship Power - Galleon1000 36 36 months $0.134 / kWh
Reliant - Power Savings 24 plan 24 months $0.139 / kWh
TXU Energy - Smart Edge 12 12 months $0.139 / kWh
Constellation - 12 Month Usage Bill Credit 12 months $0.140 / kWh
BKV Energy - Verbena 12 12 months $0.142 / kWh
TriEagle Energy - Real Deal 36 36 months $0.145 / kWh
Cirro - Smart Value 24 24 months $0.145 / kWh
Direct Energy - Live Brighter Lite 24 24 months $0.155 / kWh
Green Mountain - Pollution Free e-Plus 24 Preferred 24 months $0.158 / kWh
Rhythm Energy - Clear Choice 12 12 months $0.163 / kWh
Payless Power - 12 Month - Prepaid 12 months $0.172 / kWh

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 4/20/2024, 5:53:08 AM CDT for ZIP Code 75080. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

Power to choose Richardson

In regulated energy markets, you are required to buy electricity from your local utility company. 

By contrast, in deregulated areas, you have the power to choose your electricity provider and energy plan. In Richardson and throughout most of Texas, you can shop around for electricity plans that fit your budget and energy needs, which increases competition among providers. 

Richardson electric companies

Most of Texas, including Richardson, has a deregulated electricity market. As a consumer, you can shop around for an energy plan and choose the best one for your needs. The competition is fierce among electricity providers, which gives you more opportunities to find affordable electricity rates in Richardson.

With Choose Texas Power, you can explore plans from the top Richardson electricity providers — all in one place. On our marketplace, you’ll find energy options from many of the leading electricity providers, including 4Change Energy, Reliant Energy, and TXU Energy.

Although you’re free to choose your electricity provider, you cannot choose your utility company. Your utility is tasked with delivering electricity to your home or business, maintaining local power infrastructure, and dealing with power outages. In Richardson, the utility company is Oncor Electric Delivery.

Energy providers These companies sell electricity to consumers and manage billing and power usage.
Utility company Oncor Electric Delivery delivers power in Richardson, maintains power lines and electrical infrastructure, and restores service after an outage. 

Types of Richardson electric plans

As an energy customer, you will likely encounter several types of electricity plans. These are three of the most common electricity plan types that you might come across.

  • Fixed-rate plans: These energy plans have a contract that typically lasts between one and three years, and you’ll have a guaranteed electricity rate for the duration of your agreement. Fixed-rate plans could be a good option if you want predictable power rates. However, there is typically a fee if you cancel before your contract ends.
  • Variable-rate plans: If you choose a variable-rate electricity plan, there’s no set term length or fixed energy rate. Instead, you have a month-to-month agreement with your electricity provider. Your monthly rate will vary based on the current wholesale rate of electricity, which means that your bill could fluctuate quite a bit depending on the market conditions. 
  • No-deposit plans: When applying for a new plan, most energy providers run a credit check. If you have a low credit score, you’ll likely need to pay a deposit to get started. If you can’t currently afford a deposit, a no-deposit electricity plan might be a good option.

Richardson electric rates in my area

Electricity rates vary from city to city in Texas — even with the same energy plan and provider. This variation is due to several factors, including different transmission charges and taxes in different parts of the state. Therefore, it’s critical to factor in your location when shopping for a new plan.

To find the best electricity rates in your area, enter your ZIP code.

Richardson commercial electricity rates

If you own or manage a business in Richardson, you have the power to choose the best commercial energy plan for your company. The Choose Texas Power marketplace can help you create a custom electricity plan for your business. Reach out to the energy experts through this form or call the phone number on your screen.

Green energy plans in Richardson

Texas is a leading state for renewable energy production. Not only is the Lone Star State the leading generator of wind energy in the U.S., but it’s also within the top five states for solar power production. As a Richardson resident or business owner, you have many options for using green energy.

Renewable power is so abundant in Texas that every plan sold in the state includes some green energy in the mix. Refer to your plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL) to find out how much renewable energy a specific plan contains.

There are many providers that offer 100% green energy plans, but there are also a few that exclusively offer only green energy plans. In Richardson, these companies include Gexa Energy and Green Mountain Energy.

Are you moving to Richardson?

Located about 15 miles northeast of Dallas, Richardson is a rapidly growing city that is home to several major corporations. With hot summers and a booming residential and business community, there’s a major demand for cost-effective electricity in Richardson. If you’re new to Richardson, you can start exploring your energy options today with the Choose Texas Power marketplace.

Richardson energy FAQs

Where can I compare Richardson electricity rates?

Using the Choose Texas Power marketplace is a simple and easy way to compare electric rates in Richardson. Our site gives you a clear view of the energy plans available in Richardson. Simply enter your ZIP code to find the best electric company near you. 

What is the best energy provider in Richardson?

It depends on your energy use habits and preferences. For instance, if you’re trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, a green energy plan from Green Mountain Energy or Gexa Energy might be a good choice. However, if you want a no-deposit option, you could pick a provider like Payless Power.

How can I lower my electricity bill in Richardson?

Reducing your electricity consumption by using LED light bulbs, turning down your heating and cooling system, and switching to energy-efficient appliances can lower your power bills. The Public Utility Commission of Texas has some excellent strategies for conserving energy. Likewise, shopping around for a new electricity plan is an easy way to lower your monthly utility bills. To get started, enter your ZIP code to learn about cheap electricity in Richardson.

Which provider has the cheapest electricity rates in Richardson?

At the moment, 4Change Energy, Frontier Utilities, and Express Energy have the lowest electricity rates in Richardson. Electricity rates often fluctuate, however, so check in with Choose Texas Power frequently to make sure you’re still getting the best rate.

Last Updated Date: 12/6/2021

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