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About Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy is a Houston-based electricity provider founded in 1997. It specializes in clean energy for residential and commercial electricity customers. Green Mountain Energy was the first energy company in Texas that focused solely on green energy through wind and solar initiatives. 

It’s not unusual that a Texas-based company would be a strong green energy option. Texas leads the nation in electricity generated by wind, and it ranks within the top 5 states monthly for electricity generated by solar means.

Outside Texas, Green Mountain Energy provides green energy in Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, among other states. 

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Green Mountain Energy Plans

Pollution Free™ e-Plus Preferred plan

This plan provides power sourced from 100 percent wind energy on a month-to-month basis. You are never locked into a contract. This means no early termination fees should you decide that this isn’t the best fit. 

Pollution Free™ e-Plus 12 Preferred plan

This plan is ideal for those looking to stay somewhere for a year. With this plan, your home will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy at a fixed rate for 12 months. 

Pollution Free™ e-Plus 24 Preferred plan

With this 24-month plan, your home is powered by 100 percent wind energy without worrying about changing electricity supply rates in your area. This is a fixed-rate plan, so the energy supply rate you pay will remain the same for the duration of the contract.

Pollution Free™ e-Plus 36 Preferred plan

This plan provides power sourced from 100 percent wind energy for 36 months. The Pollution Free™ plan requires you to enroll in Tree Free billing and Auto Pay within 30 days of beginning service.


Green Mountain Ratings

Choose Texas Power evaluates providers it works with in Texas based on three objective criteria. The top score in each category is five:

  • Customer service: A provider’s PowerToChoose complaint score and whether it offers a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Online accessibility: Whether the provider features online bill pay, online chat, and access to usage alerts and trends.
  • Business history: The number of years its parent company has been in business and its Better Business Bureau accreditation.

The overall score represents the average of all three categories: 

Green Mountain Energy, 4.8 out of 5

  • Customer service: 4.5
  • Online accessibility: 5
  • Business history: 5

Frequently asked questions about Green Mountain Energy

What makes Green Mountain Energy unique?

Green Mountain Energy is based in Austin, part of the NRG family of brands. All Green Mountain Energy plans are fully backed by renewable energy.

Is a renewable energy plan right for me?

For customers who care about the future, renewable energy is a great decision. Green energy sources such as wind and solar have a far lower carbon impact than fossil fuels. A Green Mountain Energy plan allows you to go green without the expense of installing solar panels on your home.

How does Green Mountain Energy compare to other electricity providers?

Green Mountain Energy owns one of the highest ratings on the scale. While other providers may sometimes offer lower rates, you can trust that Green Mountain plans are straightforward with no gimmicks that will make problems during your contract.

What is the cheapest Green Mountain Energy plan?

In general, the longer plan terms offer the cheapest electricity rates. Green Mountain offers plans of up to three years. There also could be savings by opting for variable-rate plans, where rates are fluid from month-to-month with ties to the wholesale energy market. But those rates are subject to increases.

Contact Green Mountain Energy

If there’s a power outage near you, you shouldn’t contact your provider. Instead, report the outage to your utility company, sometimes called a transmission and delivery utility. Your utility company is assigned depending on where you live, so visit our Utilities Resource Page if you aren’t sure of yours.

Once you become a Green Mountain Energy customer, you can contact its customer service through one of the following options:

  • Residential customers can call 1-866-785-4668
  • Alternatively, residential customers can start an online chat or submit an online contact form
  • Commercial energy customers should call 1-855-463-2489

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Updated: 8/04/2021