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Texas energy companies

If you’re a resident or a  business owner in Texas, you have the power to choose your electricity provider,  thanks to the state’s deregulated energy market. Texas electricity companies in deregulated markets work hard to earn your business by offering affordable energy rates.

If you’re new to deregulation, the Choose Texas Power marketplace can help you understand your options. Enter your ZIP code, use our filtering tools to narrow down your choices, and we’ll help you find the most affordable rates from the best Texas electric companies. 

We also have resources to help you learn more about the differences between providers and utilities, how to reduce your energy bill, how to choose your new electricity provider, and more.


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Compare Texas electricity providers

The following table details the top 10 electricity companies in Texas, where their headquarters are located, the overall rating from our energy experts, and what the company is best for. We rated each provider based on customer service, accessibility, and plan option variety. 

Providers Headquarters Choose Texas Power rating Best for…
TXU Energy Irving, TX 4.8 Overall experience
TriEagle Energy Irving, TX 4.8 Bill credit reward programs
Ohm Connect Oakland, CA 4.7 Energy savings mobile app
Gexa Energy Houston, TX 4.6 100% green energy plans
Just Energy Houston, TX 4.6 Business history
Chariot Energy Houston, TX 4.4 Pairing with solar
Rhythm Energy Houston, TX 4.4 100% renewable plans
4Change Energy Dallas, TX 4.3 Charity involvement
Flagship Power Houston, TX 3.8 Plan option variety
Frontier Utilities Houston, TX 4.3 Competitive prices

*Due to testing limitations, our team does not have firsthand experience with every electricity company. However, the facts and reviews featured on come from proprietary data and extensive research by our in-house team. We are confident our reviews and guidelines for our valued readers are backed by accurate information and analysis from these sources. 

How to choose an energy provider in Texas

Using Choose Texas Power to shop for the best light companies in Texas is an easy process — here’s how.

  1. Enter your ZIP code. Explore available electricity plans in your area from the top energy companies in Texas. 
  2. Compare low rates. Choose the best energy provider and rate for your needs. You can use our filtering tools to shop for options like plan type, renewable energy incentives, or prepaid options. 
  3. Sign up in minutes . Enroll in your new plan online or call the number on the screen to speak with our energy experts. 

Frequently asked questions

Are there other energy providers in Texas?

There are many Texas energy companies, and  you can explore all the options in your area by entering your ZIP code. In addition to the best Texas electricity companies on this page, you can choose plans from top providers like Constellation Energy, Direct Energy, Express Energy, and others.


How do I pick an energy plan in Texas?

The best electricity plan for you depends on your preferences. Start by understanding your electric bill to determine how much energy your home consumes monthly. Next, find a plan that matches your energy usage. You can use our filtering tools to help narrow your search, allowing you to save time and money on your new energy plan.


Can I switch electricity providers?

You can switch electricity providers in Texas anytime, but it could cost a fee, depending on your plan. Learn how much you may have to pay by reviewing your Electricity Facts Label (EFL). You will not pay a fee if you move outside your current provider’s service area. 

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