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About TXU Energy

TXU Energy traces its roots to 1882, and the company became a certified retail provider shortly after Texas deregulation in 2002. Today, TXU Energy plans offer various novel choices, such as Free Nights and Solar Days. 

TXU Energy provides a highly customizable set of choices for its customers,, including fixed-rate plans in 12, 24, or 36-month terms, or variable-rate plans for short-term renters. Enter your ZIP code to see the TXU Energy rates in your area. 

TXU Energy Electricity Rates

TXU Energy - Smart Edge 12 12 months $0.099 / kWh
TXU Energy - Solar Value 12 12 months $0.105 / kWh
TXU Energy - Smart Edge 24 24 months $0.109 / kWh
TXU Energy - Smart Deal 12 12 months $0.138 / kWh
TXU Energy - Flex Rewards 1 month $0.139 / kWh
TXU Energy - Texas Choice 12 12 months $0.141 / kWh
TXU Energy - Solar Saver 12 12 months $0.146 / kWh
TXU Energy - Free Nights & Solar Days 12 (8 p.m.) 12 months $0.149 / kWh
TXU Energy - Solar Club 12 12 months $0.149 / kWh
TXU Energy - Season Pass 12 12 months $0.149 / kWh
TXU Energy - Smart Deal 24 24 months $0.151 / kWh
TXU Energy - Texas Choice 24 24 months $0.155 / kWh
TXU Energy - Smart Deal 36 36 months $0.158 / kWh
TXU Energy - Free Nights & Solar Days 24 (8 p.m.) 24 months $0.162 / kWh

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 8/04/2021, 1:48:39 PM CDT for ZIP Code 79707. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

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Types of plans offered by TXU Energy

Texas Choice 12 or 24

This TXU plan offers a 3% cash back loyalty reward. NEED MORE INFO Select a 12-month or 24-month fixed-rate term length, with an early termination fee (ETF) of $150 and $295, respectively. No ETFs when moving out. 

Season Pass 12 

Get 50% off the Energy Charge from December 1st 12:00 a.m. through February 28th 11:59 p.m. and June 1st 12:00 a.m. through August 31st 11:59 p.m. ETF is $150, unless moving. 

Solar Club 12

Go green by joining the TXU Energy Solar Club. With this plan, TXU buys Texas-based renewable energy credits (RECs) to help power your home during daytime hours. 

Free Nights & Solar Days 12 or 24 (8 p.m.)

Get free nights (from 8:00 p.m.—4:59 a.m.) and free solar (from 5:00 a.m.—7:59 p.m.)  Choose a 12-month or 24-month fixed-rate plan.

Electricity rates in my area

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FAQs about TXU Energy

Does TXU Energy have an app?

Yes. TXU Energy has a free app available for iPhone or Android users. Just search “TXU Energy” in either the App Store or Google Play to download the app. 

What kind of electricity plans does TXU Energy offer?

TXU Energy specializes in fixed-rate plans with consistent monthly rates for the term of your plan. TXU also recognizes that more energy customers are looking for green energy, so the company also offers a variety of plans that use solar energy. 

Will TXU Energy charge me a cancellation fee?

Most TXU plans have cancellation fees that range from $150 to $395, depending on the length of the plan term. However, the TXU Flex Rewards plan does not have an early termination fee because it is a month-to-month plan. Always check the EFL to see the early termination fee of any plan. 

Is TXU Energy a good company?

Yes. The company is one of the highest rated on Choose Texas Power, pulling in 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Contact TXU Energy

Already have service with TXU Energy and have a question about your rate or plan? It’s simple to contact TXU Energy customer service by phone at 800-818-6132. 

If you are experiencing a power outage, you need to contact your utility company instead of TXU Energy. To learn more about the utility in your area, see our Utilities Resource Page

Contact TXU Energy through one of the options below:

  • Residential customers call 1-800-818-6132.
  • Small and large business customers call 1-399-5501.
  • Login here to pay your bill or review your account information.

Updated: 8/04/2021