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Compare today's Fort Worth electricity rates

Cirro - Simple Bill Credit 24 24 months $0.119 / kWh
Discount Power - Bill Credit Bundle 24 24 months $0.119 / kWh
Frontier Utilities - Frontier Saver Plus 24 24 months $0.120 / kWh
Express Energy - Flash 12 12 months $0.120 / kWh
Gexa Energy - Gexa Eco Saver Plus 12 12 months $0.120 / kWh
4Change Energy - Maxx Saver Select 24 24 months $0.120 / kWh
Veteran Energy - Valor 24 24 months $0.135 / kWh
Constellation - 12 Month Usage Bill Credit 12 months $0.154 / kWh
TXU Energy - Smart Edge 12 12 months $0.155 / kWh
Reliant - Power Savings 24 plan 24 months $0.155 / kWh
TriEagle Energy - Real Deal 36 36 months $0.159 / kWh
Direct Energy - Live Brighter Lite 24 24 months $0.165 / kWh
BKV Energy - Lantana 36 36 months $0.170 / kWh
Rhythm Energy - Clear Choice 36 36 months $0.174 / kWh
Green Mountain - Pollution Free e-Plus 24 Preferred 24 months $0.178 / kWh
Payless Power - 12 Month - prepaid 12 months $0.187 / kWh

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 6/20/2024, 3:00:46 PM CDT for ZIP Code 76102. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

Current Fort Worth electricity rates

The Fort Worth electricity market is deregulated, giving you the power to choose between several Fort Worth energy companies competing to offer you the lowest rate. The free Choose Texas Power marketplace makes it easy to compare rates and find the best electricity companies Fort Worth has to offer. The cheapest electricity rate on our marketplace is currently 12.1 cents per kWh. 

The current average residential electricity rate in Texas is 14.92 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), according to the latest update from the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Texas electricity prices have increased since this time last year but have consistently remained below the U.S. average. 

Choosing an energy plan can be challenging with so many options across multiple electricity companies in Fort Worth. Get started by entering your ZIP code or calling the number on this page. is not affiliated with Power to Choose,, or the PUCT.

Electric companies in Fort Worth

Most of Texas has a deregulated energy market, meaning there are various electricity companies Fort Worth energy customers have the freedom to choose from. Choose Texas Power can help you find the best electric rates for you.

Electricity providers are responsible for offering electric plans, bills, rates, and customer service. On our marketplace, you can find plans from reputable Texas energy companies in Fort Worth, including 4Change Energy, Frontier Utilities, and TXU Energy

While you have the power to choose your energy provider in Fort Worth, your utility company is predetermined based on your address. Utility companies deliver electricity to your home through power lines and transformers. The utility is also responsible for maintaining the electrical infrastructure, restoring power during outages, and responding to grid emergencies. The utility company in Fort Worth is Oncor Electric Delivery.

Power to choose your energy in Fort Worth

The term “power to choose” describes the ability of customers in deregulated areas to select their electric company from a pool of qualified energy providers. In regulated areas, customers can only buy electricity from the local utility. Because of the deregulated market, you can choose between multiple electricity companies in Fort Worth and pick the best rate and plan for your needs.

When is the best time to shop for energy in Fort Worth?

Fort Worth electricity rates normally go up when energy demand is high. In Texas, summer heat waves typically cause increased demand and electricity prices. In the fall, winter, and spring months, milder temperatures can lead to a gradual decrease in rates. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has forecasted temperatures will likely be above average in most parts of Texas through August 2024. Enter your ZIP code to search for affordable electricity rates in Fort Worth at any time of the year.

Who has the cheapest electricity rates in Fort Worth?

At the time of writing, 4Change Energy, Gexa Energy, Frontier Utilities, and Express Energy offer the lowest energy prices in Fort Worth at 12.1 cents per kWh (based on 1,000 kWh of monthly usage). If you currently pay the average Texas rate, you could save approximately $28 on your monthly electricity bill by switching to a new energy plan. To begin, enter your ZIP code to find the cheapest electricity in your area.

Types of electric plans in Fort Worth

When you use our marketplace to compare power plans and electricity companies in Fort Worth, you’ll likely encounter many different rate types and other features. You can use filters to narrow down options based on your interests. Learn more about energy plan options to find your best fit.

  • Fixed-rate plans: This plan type provides the most stability because your rates remain the same throughout your contract. If you cancel your electricity plan early to switch electricity companies in Texas, you may have to pay an early termination fee (ETF). Enter your ZIP code to find a fixed-rate electricity plan from a cheap light company in Fort Worth.
  • Variable-rate plans: These plans may start with a low rate but can change with market price fluctuations, so your energy bill will vary monthly. You do not have to sign a long-term contract — you can switch providers at any time without paying an ETF.
  • No-deposit electricity plans: Electricity companies in Texas often conduct a credit check before starting a new electricity service. With a no-deposit electricity plan, such as a prepaid plan, you can bypass this step and pay for energy service as you go. When your balance runs low, your energy company notifies you to add more funds.
  • Time-of-use plans: If you have a time-of-use plan, your rates are based on the times of peak demand. Electricity is usually more expensive from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and less expensive overnight or early in the morning. Strategically use energy during times with cheaper rates to save on your power bill. 
  • Renewable energy plans: Every Texas electricity plan uses renewable energy. Gexa Energy and Green Mountain Energy exclusively sell 100% green plans, often at affordable rates.
  • Indexed rate plans: These plans feature electricity rates that fluctuate similarly to variable-rate and time-of-use plans. However, an algorithm determines your rate based on an energy commodity index. The index tracks market trends for products influencing electricity, like natural gas and petroleum.

How to switch electricity providers in Fort Worth

If you’re searching for a new provider or plan, the Choose Texas Power marketplace is the best place to compare rates and sign up for plans in your area.

Step 1: Compare cheap energy rates and plans

Explore cheap electricity rates in Fort Worth by ZIP code to find available plans in your area. You can organize results from lowest to highest rates and filter by specific features, providers, rate types, and more.

Step 2: Review plan details

When you find a plan that fits your needs and budget, review the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) to understand the details and fees of your plan. The EFL includes important information about your contract length, renewable energy content, rates and fees, and more.

Step 3: Sign up and enjoy your new electricity service

After choosing a plan, you can sign up easily through the Choose Texas Power marketplace. Your new Fort Worth electricity provider and utility will begin your electricity service without interruption. Some providers offer same-day electricity, in which your electric company will connect your power on the same day you sign up.

Electric rates in my area

Utilities charge customers transmission fees for supplying energy to their homes. These fees are specific to the service area. What your neighbor pays may differ from what you pay for the same plan. You can use your ZIP code to explore plans and compare electricity rates in Fort Worth. 

Commercial electricity rates in Forth Worth

Businesses in Fort Worth can also take advantage of the power to choose in Texas. You can find the best electricity company for your business using our marketplace. Fill out our commercial electricity form or contact our energy specialists by calling the number on your screen to explore business energy plans from cheap electricity companies in Texas today.

Green energy plans

Texas is a national leader in the renewable energy industry. The Lone Star State ranks first in wind energy production and second for solar power generation. Every electricity plan in Texas offers a percentage of renewable energy. Check your plan’s EFL to find the exact amount.

Many providers offer green energy plan options or upgrades to reduce your carbon footprint. Some electric providers in Fort Worth, like Gexa Energy, exclusively offer 100% green plans at low rates. Enter your ZIP code and filter for green energy to explore renewable energy plans in Fort Worth.

Are you moving to Fort Worth?

With over 935,000 residents, Fort Worth is a lively city known for landmarks like the Fort Worth Stockyards and the Chisholm Trail. It is the fifth-largest city in Texas, leading to strong competition among electricity companies. If you are moving to Fort Worth, you’ll need to sign up for an energy plan from one of the many available electricity companies in the area. Whether you’re moving to Downtown Fort Worth, Arlington Heights, or Fairmount, the Choose Texas Power marketplace makes searching and signing up for affordable energy plans simple.

Fort Worth energy FAQs

Which electric company has the cheapest electricity rate in Fort Worth?

At the time of writing, 4Change Energy, Gexa Energy, Frontier Utilities, and Express Energy offer the cheapest electricity rates in Fort Worth. Prices are subject to change, so if you find an affordable rate on the Choose Texas Power marketplace, sign up today to secure your rate.

How can I choose a Texas electric provider?

You have the power to choose in Fort Worth to determine the best option for you from a range of Texas electricity providers. Explore plan term length, price, additional plan features, kWh usages, and provider history when you choose or switch electric plans to ensure you’re happy with your Fort Worth electricity company. You should also determine if the provider offers the specific type of plan you want, such as renewable energy or no-deposit electricity in Texas.

What is the average electricity bill in Fort Worth, Texas?

Your electricity bill in Fort Worth will depend on several factors, such as your average electricity use and the provider you choose. Based on the state’s average energy rate and usage, the typical Texas electricity bill is $175.76.

What is the official Texas power to choose website? offers a list of Texas electricity plans, but offers a unique, unbiased comparison among plans to help you make informed decisions about your energy. You have the power to choose your energy in Fort Worth, and Choose Texas Power can help you search, compare, and sign up for an energy plan. is not affiliated with Power to Choose,, or the PUCT.

What is a good kWh rate in Texas?

Finding a great rate in Texas depends on the time of the year. Rates in Texas generally decline as demand decreases due to milder weather. Seasons like spring, fall, and winter are better times to shop than during the summer when demand often spikes.

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