Exercise Your Power to Choose, Texas!

Lawmakers deregulated the Texas electricity market a little more than a decade ago. Deregulating the electricity market meant that retailers could buy electricity from power generators and then participate in the open market to bring competitively priced electricity to consumers within the deregulated regions. Retail electric providers (REPs) take care of customer service and billing for your electric use. REPs can adjust prices to be more competitive and offer a broad range of electricity products, such as fixed rates or variable rates, green energy products and a variety of contract terms.

Experience the many benefits of Texas energy deregulation

With the power to choose in Texas, electricity consumers enjoy lots of perks. The greatest benefit is that you can shop around for the best rate on electricity. Before deregulation, electricity customers didn't have a choice when it came to energy suppliers. Your electricity service provider was determined by where you lived, and you had to pay the rates that the electric company set. In a deregulated electricity market, REPs can adjust prices to reflect the demands of the market. Your ability to shop around means you have a better chance of securing a more favorable rate.

Flexibility doesn't stop at electricity pricing. The power to choose also means that you can find an agreement that fits the way you live. Are you a renter with a month-to-month lease? Perhaps a month-to-month electricity product suits your lifestyle. Are you a homeowner who's in it for the long haul? Perhaps a five-year plan with a fixed rate is best for you. In a deregulated electricity market, you can find a plan that matches your needs at a price you can afford.

It's true that everything is bigger in Texas. You probably already know that Texas has the largest installed wind-power capacity in the United States. Thanks to deregulation you can choose to get your electricity from a REP that supports green energy programs like Texas's many wind farms. Renewable-energy resources, such as wind power, help reduce America's dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels while reducing greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the air. Domestically produced energy also helps create jobs and boost the local economy.

Texas has the power to choose and save

Exercise your power to choose in Texas deregulated electricity markets and save big. You can save money, save time and even help save the planet. Shopping around for the best rates and the most flexible or the most predictable plans can help you save money on the electricity you use anyway. Choosing to support green energy programs helps reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change as well as creating green jobs that contribute to a more sustainable economy in Texas.