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Texas businesses can choose their electricity company

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Businesses in Texas’s deregulated energy market can choose their retail electricity provider (REP). Keeping monthly electricity rates low helps reduce overhead and allows businesses to stay competitive. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), businesses in the U.S. spend an average of $7,500 or more on electricity costs annually. With that money at stake, businesses must take advantage of the power to choose commercial electricity rates in Texas.

Deregulation in Texas for business

Deregulation gives Texas businesses an advantage. Few states allow businesses to shop for commercial electric plans. Commercial electricity is an electric service for commercial operations like hotels, shops, warehouses, cafes, gas stations, etc. Many companies in the U.S. only have one choice for their electricity rates — the local utility.

The Texas legislature introduced energy choice in 2002. Lawmakers in the state understood that creating a competitive energy environment could drive down business electricity rates. The goal was to save commercial electric customers money on their power bills.

How companies use business energy

According to the EIA, more than two-thirds of the electricity consumed by businesses goes toward lighting, refrigeration, ventilation, and cooling. Other commercial power uses include computers, other office equipment, cooking, and space and water heating.

No two businesses consume power the same way. Therefore, it makes sense to customize your commercial energy plan for how your business uses power. The energy experts at Choose Texas Power can help tailor a business energy plan that is right for you.

Commercial energy plans

Business owners have similar options from their electric companies as residential power consumers. Choose from fixed-rate, variable-rate, or renewable energy plans. Some customers prefer no-deposit energy plans. You can work with us to create a solution to fit your unique needs. For more information about plan options and what they mean, please see our resources on picking an electricity plan or switching providers.

Choose Texas Power works with several commercial energy providers, including Ambit Energy and Hudson Energy.

Business energy in my area

Commercial electricity rates depend on the location of your business. Transmission and delivery charges differ based on your area in Texas. Taxes and fees also impact business electricity costs. The bottom line: it’s important to know commercial energy rates based on your company’s location

You can try searching for “commercial energy rates near me” or “business electricity rates in my area” on Google, but doing so will return pages of results. Sifting through the different business energy websites one by one can take hours — and you might not find what you need. Choose Texas Power can customize business energy plans and rates in your area without a hassle.

Because businesses have different needs than residents, we do not list business electricity plans in the Choose Texas Power marketplace. Instead, we ask that you submit the form on this page, and one of our team members can work with you to build a plan.

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