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Texas businesses can choose their electricity company

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Every business has to spend significantly to keep the lights on. According to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average U.S. business spent 12.42 cents per kWh on electricity in 2022. Businesses that find a way to cut down on those costs can free up resources for other critical expenses.

In Texas, the deregulated electricity market offers a chance for businesses to do just that. If you run a company in the Lone Star State, you have the power to choose your business electricity provider and find rates that help your business save. Start comparing commercial electric providers in Texas now by entering your ZIP code.

Power to choose commercial rates in Texas

Deregulation gives Texas businesses an advantage. Few states allow businesses to shop for commercial electric plans. Many companies in the U.S. only have one choice for the commercial electricity rates they pay — from the local utility.

The Texas legislature, however, introduced energy choice in 2002, giving the power to choose to businesses throughout much of the state. Lawmakers aimed to create competition among electricity providers that would drive down business electricity rates. The goal was to help residential and commercial customers save money on their power bills and encourage innovation in the energy market.

How companies use business energy

According to the EIA, roughly two-thirds of the electricity that businesses use goes toward computers, office equipment, lighting, refrigeration, ventilation, and cooling. Although lighting has declined as a major source of energy consumption, it still accounts for more than 10% of commercial energy use.

Despite these general trends, no two businesses consume power in the same way. One business may require a lot of power at night, while another may consume most of its electricity during standard business hours. Customizing your commercial energy plan for your business’s unique needs is a great way to cut costs. The energy experts at Choose Texas Power can work with you and commercial electric providers in Texas to tailor a plan to fit your business.

Commercial energy plans

When comparing commercial electricity providers in Texas, you’ll find fixed-rate, variable-rate, and green energy plans. Some customers prefer no-deposit energy plans. Whatever your needs, we’ll help you create a solution to fit your business. Learn more with our guides on picking an electricity plan and switching providers.

Choose Texas Power works with a variety of trusted commercial energy providers in Texas, including Ambit Energy and TXU Energy. Fill out the form to explore a range of plan options and commercial electricity rates.

Business energy in my area

Utility transmission charges vary by region. Your Texas commercial energy rates depend on your business’s location. Taxes and fees also impact commercial electricity rates. It’s important to research business rates based on your business’s ZIP code.

Business energy needs also differ significantly from residential ones. Given how much energy usage can vary from business to business, we don’t list commercial electricity rates on the Choose Texas Power marketplace. Instead, we customize plans from commercial electricity providers for each business.

It can take time and effort to sift through the different business energy websites one by one. Choose Texas Power can help by streamlining this process for you. Fill out our form or call the number on your screen to get in touch today and compare business energy plans in your area.

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