Deregulation puts your Texas business at an advantage. Few states allow businesses to shop for commercial electric plans. In fact, a large number of companies in the United States only have one choice when it comes to their business electricity rates - the local utility. But the state government of Texas understood that creating a competitive energy environment could drive down business electricity rates and potentially save commercial electric customers some money.

Having the ability to shop in a crowded market gives you an edge on your out-of-state competition because you get to choose what retail supplier provides your commercial electric power. You may even find that retail providers in your area offer great business electricity rates. Comparing rates could result in cost savings each month if you find a provider with a lower rate than you're currently paying.

Learn how to find the best commercial electric rate

While low business electricity rates are usually a deciding factor for many when shopping for a commercial electric supply, there are other factors you should consider. For example, the type of customer service you receive could play a vital role in how satisfied you are with your commercial electric provider.

There are a number of plan options available on the market in a variety of term lengths. Signing up for the right plan is essential to finding the best commercial electric provider in Texas. Though you will find a wide range, expect to see the following plan offerings when you shop.

  • Fixed rate: You might enjoy the stability of a fixed-rate business plan. Under this type of plan, businesses can enjoy a flat supply rate for the entire length of a contract. Many people prefer a fixed rate because it does not fluctuate with the ever-changing electricity market. There is no risk of paying sky high rates when the market is unfavorable and it can allow for greater bill predictability.
  • Variable rate: A variable-rate plan takes advantage of the ups and down of energy prices, which are based on supply and demand among other factors. Variable rates are often low when market prices for electricity are low. In contrast, variable-rate customers are subject to higher rates when the market is not doing so well.
  • Green: There are a few retail energy providers that offer green energy plans in Texas. With this type of plan you can offset up to 100 percent of your energy consumption with renewable energy. Since a lot of renewable energy comes from Texas, specifically wind farms, you could power your business while helping to fund a Texas endeavor.

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