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The average business in Texas spent 8.6 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in February 2024, while the average U.S. business spent 12.81, reports the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Electricity is a significant operating cost for businesses. Reducing energy expenses can help save funds for other important resources. Business energy rates depend on your monthly usage, electricity plan, market conditions, and other factors.

If you own a business in Texas, you can choose from many reliable electricity providers and secure lower energy rates. Call the number on the screen to connect with our team and learn more about commercial energy providers in Texas.

Power to choose commercial energy rates in Texas

Deregulation in Texas gives businesses an advantage. Few states allow businesses to shop for their own commercial electric plans. Most companies in the U.S. are required to get their commercial electricity rates from the local utility.

In 2002, the Texas legislature allowed energy customers across much of the state to choose their energy provider. Lawmakers aimed to create competition among electricity providers to make electric rates more affordable. The goal was to help residential and commercial customers save money on their power bills and access a wider variety of options.

Understanding business energy usage

Commercial energy consumption differs from residential. Businesses in the U.S. use 6,019 kWh of electricity per month on average. By contrast, a typical household uses 899 kWh/month. Businesses in Texas can take advantage of lower electricity rates due to their higher energy consumption. According to the latest EIA data, the average commercial electricity rate in Texas is 8.67 cents/kWh, while the residential electricity rate is 14.31 cents/kWh.

However, each business has its unique electricity needs. The following details how energy needs differ by business type. 

  • Apartment buildings: An apartment building’s electricity demand is based on the habits of residents and what facilities it has. A property management company needs an energy plan suited for peak demand in the morning and evening when most residents are home. 
  • Churches: Depending on the type, churches may use less electricity during the week but have significant demand over the weekend. 
  • Schools: Schools have a predictable pattern of usage, with most demand during the week while classes are in session. These buildings usually have less energy demand during the summer or holidays when school is not in session. 
  • Automotive shops: Energy demand at an auto shop varies based on the equipment used for repairs. Peak demand periods are usually during the store’s busiest hours.

Choosing your commercial energy supplier and customizing your business energy plan for your business is a great way to reduce costs. The energy experts at Choose Texas Power can help customize a plan for your business by working with the best electric suppliers in Texas.

Commercial energy companies and plans

We’re here to help you find the right solution for your business needs. Choose Texas Power works with several trusted commercial energy suppliers in Texas, including Ambit Energy and TXU Energy. Fill out the form on this page to explore your tailored plan options and commercial electricity rates.

Business energy in Texas

Transmission charges for utilities vary by region. Your business’s location impacts which commercial energy rates are available. Taxes and fees can also influence commercial electricity rates. It’s important to research business rates based on your company’s ZIP code.

Business energy needs differ from residential ones. Because energy usage differs among businesses, we don’t list commercial electricity rates on the Choose Texas Power marketplace. Instead, we can connect you with a reliable electricity provider to help you create a customized energy plan.

Sifting through the different business energy websites can take time and effort. Choose Texas Power streamlines the process for you. Fill out our form or call the number on your screen to compare business energy rates in your area.

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