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About Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities began operating in the energy industry in 2008, six years after Texas deregulated its electricity market. This retail electric provider (REP) is based in Houston and offers a range of energy plans for residential customers across Texas.

Frontier Utilities is known for its satisfaction guarantee, allowing new customers to switch to another energy plane without paying a penalty within the first 60 days of service.

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Types of plans offered by Frontier Utilities

Frontier Super Value 12

This 12-month fixed-rate plan currently offers prices starting at 7.4 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) when you use between 1,000 and 2,000 kWh per month. If your energy consumption remains between those levels, a $100 bill credit will be applied to your bill. This plan charges a $150 early cancellation fee if you decide to end your service before your contract expires.

Beat The Heat 12

This fixed-rate plan lasts 12 months and offers rates beginning at 9.9 cents per kWh. If your energy usage is equal to or greater than 1,000 kWh, you will receive a $75 bill credit. This plan also charges a $150 early termination fee.

Frontier Max 12

For homes that typically consume a lot of energy, this fixed-rate plan provides incentives like a $100 bill credit and rates beginning at 15.0 cents per kWh for a monthly usage of 1,000 kWh. Like the other Frontier Utilities plans, the Frontier Max 12 plan charges a $150 early termination fee.

Frontier Utilities Reviews

Electricity rates in my area

Electricity rates in your area vary due to utility transmission charges. When you activate your energy service, your utility charges a monthly fee to transport electricity to your home. Utilities vary by location, meaning the energy rate you pay in your area could be different from what someone in another neighborhood pays.

Because electricity fees can change based on where you live, you should search for energy rates specific to where you live. Enter your ZIP code above to find the most accurate electric plans and energy rates near you.

FAQs about Frontier Utilities

Does Frontier Utilities have an app?

Frontier Utilities has an app for iPhone and Android devices. You can download it by searching Frontier Utilities in the App Store, the Google Play store, or by texting MyFunApp to 55755. On the app, you can access your account and pay your bill.

Is a deposit required to sign up with Frontier Utilities?

Energy providers set a certain credit threshold and charge a deposit if your credit score does not meet this threshold. If you want to bypass paying a deposit or want to avoid a credit check altogether, a no-deposit electricity plan is another option.

Where can I compare Frontier Utilities rates and plans?

The Choose Texas Power marketplace allows you to compare plans and read Frontier Utilities reviews at no additional cost. Enter your ZIP code above, then scroll down to the filtering tool to select Frontier plans only. From there, you can easily compare the Frontier Utilities plans in your area and find the best option for your home.

How do I sign up for a Frontier Utilities plan?

You can sign up for a Frontier Utilities plan through the Choose Texas Power marketplace in a matter of minutes. Enter your ZIP code above, select the Frontier Utilities plan you want, and then we’ll help you sign up quickly and easily.

Contact Frontier Utilities

If you have a power outage, call your utility provider, as it’s their responsibility to fix the issue. For other questions about your plan or bill, contact Frontier Utilities by:

  • Calling them at 1-866-926-8192 for residential customers.
  • Businesses can set up an account by calling 1-877-293-7535. 
  • Emailing them at

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