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Deregulated energy allows Texas consumers to have more control over their electricity plan and rate. Texas is a leader in the energy choice movement, with 14 other states following closely behind.

The Texas deregulated energy market was created in 2002 when the state legislature voted to demonopolize the utility-run system. Now, a majority of Lone Star State residents and businesses have the power to choose their energy provider.

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How energy deregulation works

If you live in a deregulated area of Texas, you must choose an electricity provider. The area’s utility company will deliver the energy to your home or business but cannot sell you an electricity plan. This means there are many electricity providers competing for business and it can be confusing to choose one. However, it also means that you can choose a plan that really works for you.

Choose Texas Power is a free resource built to help you do that. We’ll explain the plan terminology you’ll see, what to think about when choosing a provider, and what to do if you want to switch to a different provider.

Our marketplace is selective, based on relationships we’ve built with Texas electricity providers over time. We only show you plans from providers with a reliable record, so our customers can trust what they are signing up for. If you have questions, our team is standing by to help. Enter your ZIP code above to explore your options.

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