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Why choose 4Change Energy?

4Change Energy is a Dallas-based electricity supplier that serves energy customers across Texas. The company aims to provide affordable energy and aid local communities by donating 4% of its profits to Texas-based charities. 4Change Energy plans have fixed rates with bill credits of up to $100 per month based on energy usage. 4Change Energy is often referred to as a best electric provider in Texas. 

The company has offered a variety of electricity plans to fit customers’ energy needs since 2012. 4Change Energy is part of Value Based Brands (which is a subsidiary of Vistra Energy). 

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Find an energy plan with Choose Texas Power

With the free Choose Texas Power marketplace, it’s simple to browse 4Change electric prices and compare them to other providers. Some electric providers may have renewable energy plans or no-deposit electricity plans. Here’s a quick look at how the process works: 

  1. Submit your ZIP code. You can browse electricity plans available in your area from lowest to highest price. 
  2. Explore plans and choose one that works for you. You can filter by rate type, term length, green energy, and more. 
  3. Sign up for your new plan. You can sign up in a few easy steps online or by calling the number on this page and speaking with one of our energy professionals. Your new energy supplier will handle the set up and transfer logistics if you’re switching providers

If you have questions about the process, call the phone number on your screen to reach an energy expert.

Types of plans offered by 4Change Energy

Electric providers like 4Change Energy offer various plans to fit your needs. Below are popular 4Change Energy plans offering stable rates with contracts between 12 and 24 months. You can find these plans on the Choose Texas Power marketplace and sign up easily.

One Rate 12 and 24

 4Change’s One Rate plan offers a fixed rate for one to two years. This is the company’s most straightforward plan — there are no gimmicks or usage incentives, just a stable rate for your electricity for the length of your contract.

Maxx Saver Select 12 and 24

The Maxx Saver Select is a fixed-rate energy plan that allows customers to secure their rate for one to two years. This plan offers a $100 bill credit each month that your energy usage is at least 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Smart Thermostat 24

This two-year fixed-rate plan offers a usage credit of $50 every month you exceed 1,000 kWh and includes a Honeywell T9 Smart Thermostat. To qualify for the thermostat, you must meet the company’s enrollment requirements and have paid at least two monthly bills on this plan. 

Winter Discount 12

This 12-month fixed-rate plan offers a significant bonus: 50% off your monthly electric bills during the coldest months of the year — December, January, and February. Customers who live in an area that experiences colder winters can take advantage of major savings with this plan.

Power Maxx Saver 12 and 24

The Power Maxx Saver is a fixed-rate energy plan that allows customers to lock in their rate for one or two years. This plan offers a $100 bill credit each month that your energy usage is at least 2,000 kWh.

Cash Money 12

In addition to a $45 bill credit for usage over 1,000 kWh, this 12-month fixed-rate plan offers new 4Change customers a $100 Visa gift card after your first bill is paid. The card is valid for six months after it is issued to you.

Electricity rates in my area

Rates can differ by your location due to utility transmission charges and government fees.  It’s important to search for electricity rates in your specific area for the most accurate pricing. Electrical providers near you may include Texas electrical service providers and light providers. We can help you narrow your choices to find the best option for your home.  Choose Texas Power uses your ZIP code to help you compare the rates for your location, all in one place.

How to contact 4Change Energy

If there’s a power outage at your home, you should contact your utility company rather than your electricity supplier. You can figure out which utility serves your area by checking out our Texas Electric Utilities page. For questions about billing or electric service, you can reach 4Change Energy below: 

4Change Energy customer service

4Change Energy’s phone number is 1-855-784-2426.

4Change Energy email

Reach 4Change Energy by email at service@4ChangeEnergy.com

4Change Energy login

Login here to your online account at 4Change Energy. 

FAQs about 4Change Energy

What kind of electricity plans does 4Change Energy offer?

4Change Energy specializes in budget-friendly electric plans. 4Change Energy focuses primarily on cost-effective approaches for residential customers by offering affordable rates.

Where can I compare 4Change Energy plans and rates?

You can compare rates and plans from 4Change Energy and other providers on the Choose Texas Power marketplace. Enter your ZIP code to explore your energy options.

Is a deposit required to sign up with 4Change Energy?

Similar to most providers, 4Change Energy requires a deposit when you sign up for your energy plan. However, you may have your deposit waived if you meet certain credit requirements.

Will 4Change Energy charge me a cancellation fee?

4Change Energy requires an early termination fee (ETF) for fixed-rate plans of $20 per month remaining on your contract if you end your service early. This fee will be waived if you move outside of 4Change Energy’s service area.