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About Express Energy

Headquartered in Houston, Express Energy is a retail electricity provider (REP) that serves residential energy customers around Texas. The company, which markets itself as a “no-frills” energy provider, is owned by Value Based Brands.

You’ll find a number of Express Energy plans on Choose Texas Power, with different rates and term lengths available. If you’re considering this popular power company, make sure to check out the Express Energy reviews below. Currently, the company has a 4.7-star rating (out of 5).

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Types of plans offered by Express Energy

Flash 12 – with Auto Pay

You’ll be required to use auto-pay if you choose this fixed-rate plan, which comes with a 12-month contract. For every month that you use at least 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, you’ll get a $100 bill credit. The Flash 12 plan includes 6% renewable energy, with the option to upgrade to 100% wind power when you enroll. If you cancel before your contract expires, you’ll be required to pay an early termination fee (ETF) of $20 per remaining month on your contract. 

Flash 24

Flash 24 is a fixed-rate plan that comes with a 24-month contract. Your rate won’t change while your plan is active, but, like the previous plan, you’ll need to pay a $20-per-remaining-month ETF if you terminate your contract early. Also, the Flash 24 plan contains 6% energy from renewable sources but can be upgraded to 100% wind power.

Electricity rates in my area

Energy prices differ from city to city, mainly because of varying transmission fees (the cost to deliver power to your home). That’s the reason that Choose Texas Power asks for your ZIP code because it allows us to display accurate electricity rates in your area. Enter yours to get started.

Contact Express Energy

If your power goes out, remember to contact your utility company (not Express Energy) to restore it. However, if you have questions about billing or changing your electricity plan, you should contact Express Energy through one of the following options: 


FAQs about Express Energy

What kind of electricity plans does Express Energy offer?

Express Energy offers fixed-rate and variable-rate plans for residential energy customers in deregulated areas of Texas. The company does not offer commercial energy plans.

Where can I pay my Express Energy bill?

You can pay your Express Energy bill by logging into your online account or calling Express Energy at 1-844-361-2080. To pay in cash, visit one of their cash payment locations.

How do I sign up for Express Energy service?

Choose Texas Power offers the easiest way to sign up for Express Energy service. Once you’ve submitted your ZIP code and found a plan that works for you, you can either sign up online or by calling one of our energy experts.

Is a deposit required to sign up with Express Energy?

When you sign up for a plan, Express Energy will run a credit check. If your score meets the company’s criteria, you won’t need to pay a deposit. Otherwise, you will be charged a deposit which can be refunded after you’ve made a year’s worth of on-time payments. To avoid this upfront cost, look into a no-deposit plan.