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About Iberdrola Texas

Iberdrola Texas is a retail energy provider (REP) that is no longer in operation. However, Choose Texas Power’s marketplace features plans from many other trusted suppliers that can meet your energy needs. To explore electricity rates, plans, and electric suppliers available in your area, enter your ZIP code above. From there, you can easily compare energy options near you and filter for providers, rate type, contract length, green energy plans, and more.

Find an energy plan with Choose Texas Power

Many electricity customers still feel confused about their power to choose a provider. But it’s really as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Enter your ZIP code.
  2. Compare the best electricity rates and plans from a number of trusted providers. We even have resources to help you decide how to switch suppliers.
  3. Select a plan. That’s it. Your new energy company will handle the setup. In many cases, you won’t even need to have a technician visit your home.

Texas providers offer a number of plan types. Some have fixed electricity rates that stay the same throughout the contract term, and others have variable rates that change from month-to-month. All are designed to help you control your electricity bills.

Choose Texas Power aims to make your energy plan work for you. That’s we also have some no-deposit options.

Contact Iberdrola Texas

You shouldn’t contact Iberdrola Texas or any other provider when you have a power outage. That’s a job for the utility that serves your area:

One of these five companies delivers electricity to your home, regardless of the provider you choose. These utility companies also maintain and repair powerlines and other equipment used in transmission.

That said, when you sign up for an Iberdrola Texas electricity plan, you’ll need a way to contact the company with customer service questions.

  • Residential customers call (844) 956-0456.
  • Customers can also send Iberdrola Texas an email.
  • Login here to pay your bill or review your account information.