Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase electricity rates for my business?

Yes! You can fill out the form here and one of our expert agents will take you through the process of getting a competitive rate for your business.

How is electricity generated?

Electric power is generated from other sources of energy, most commonly coal, natural gas, nuclear, water currents or tides, wind, sunlight and petroleum.

How much does electricity cost?

It depends on your location. To find a number of great electricity rates for your home, enter your ZIP code and see what's available.

How do I compare energy rates?

Enter your ZIP code on our homepage to compare rates of different plans and term lengths from a number of providers.

Why do electricity rates fluctuate?

Electricity rates fluctuate due to changes in wholesale electricity costs. During winter storms or summer heat waves when electricity is at its peak demand, rates can spike suddenly. The best way to avoid being subject to market volatility is to lock in a price-protected fixed-rate plan.

How do I reduce my environmental footprint?

There are a number of ways to reduce your environmental footprint, but few are as convenient as purchasing a renewable energy plan. With a green energy plan, you can support the environment without making any significant lifestyle changes. These plans can offset a percentage or all of your home electricity consumption. For example, offsetting 100 kilowatt hours per month for a year with green energy is the equivalent to preventing the emissions of almost 1 ton of carbon dioxide, or using 95 fewer gallons of gasoline.

Why save energy?

Simple. The less energy you use, the more money you save! Additionally, minimizing your energy consumption reduces the strain your lifestyle puts on the environment, ensuring future generations are not faced with extreme effects of climate change.

How do I purchase green energy?

If you are looking to purchase a renewable energy plan, simply enter your ZIP code and use the search filter feature to only show green energy plans.

Who has the cheapest electricity?

Electricity rates vary by provider and area, so the best way to find the cheapest electricity rates is to enter your ZIP code and compare what's available in your area.

How do I choose an electric company?

There are a number of factors to consider: term length, plan type, price and whether you want to purchase a green energy plan or add-on.

Who do I call during a power outage?

When you have a power outage you should inform your utility. Your electricity provider will be unable to assist you, as the utility is in charge of the delivery of your electricity.