Renewable Electricity Rates
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Green energy rates

Did you know that Texas is one of the leading producers of green energy? The Lone Star State generates more wind energy than any other state — over a quarter of the nation’s entire production — and ranks second for solar energy.

That means Texas residents and businesses have access to some of the best green energy rates and plans in the country. Not only does every Texas energy provider include some renewable power in the mix, but some green electricity providers even offer 100% renewable plans.

Green energy plans

Every electricity plan in deregulated Texas includes some renewable energy. You can find out exactly how much by reading each plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL). The EFL also includes information about the supply and transmission rates from your utility company, term lengths, early termination fees, and more.

Most providers also offer additional green energy plans, some with the option to upgrade to 100% renewable energy. These plans are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and your renewable power rates may not be significantly different from those in the standard plan.

Renewable energy plans in my area

One thing to remember about Texas is that electricity rates can differ a bit depending on your location. That’s at least in part because of different transmission and delivery fees from each utility company.

To find local renewable energy rates, you don’t have to search the web for “green energy rates near me” or “renewable energy rates in my area.” Simply enter your ZIP code on this page, filter for green energy plans, and you’ll find renewable power rates that apply to you.

Business green energy plans

Texas commercial energy rates are also deregulated, and many businesses want to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprints. Business energy plans take into account the amount of electricity your company uses, along with other factors, to customize a plan for your energy needs. A Choose Texas Power energy expert can help you craft a plan and connect you with the best green electricity provider for your business. Fill out our commercial energy form for assistance.

FAQs about renewable energy

How much renewable energy does Texas produce?

The amount can vary from month to month. In 2022, about 26% of the electricity generated in the state came from wind sources. Solar energy accounts for about 5% of the state’s electricity. 

When I buy a renewable energy plan, does that mean all the electricity that comes to my house is green?

No. The renewable energy produced in the state goes to the electricity grid, along with electricity generated by fossil fuels and nuclear power. However, your provider buys renewable energy credits to offset your usage. Those credits are used to expand green energy production.

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