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About Discount Power

Discount Power is a Houston-based electricity provider that’s part of the NRG Energy family of brands. The company offers electricity plans to energy consumers across Texas, including Houston, DallasFort Worth, and Corpus Christi.

Discount Power sells plans in various term lengths, including month-to-month, 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month contracts. Some of these plans are fixed-rate, while others are variable-rate. Your rate will vary depending on the type of plan that you choose and where you live. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee that allows customers to change plans with no penalty within 30 days of starting service.

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Types of plans offered by Discount Power

Saver 24

This fixed-rate plan keeps your rate consistent for 24 months. Your price per kWh is slightly less if you use 1000 kWh or more. Early termination fee for this plan is $200. 

Value Plus 12

Receive a fixed-rate price for 12 months. The rate per kWh is less the more energy you use. Early termination fee for this plan is $150. We recommend this plan for energy users who want a straightforward, no gimmicks plan. 

Electricity rates in my area

Your energy rates might vary based on your location. Utilities charge transmission fees to move the electricity from their facility to your residence. Therefore, you might have the same plan as someone else in a different ZIP code, but pay a different price.

To find the most accurate electric rates in your area, enter your ZIP code. Doing so provides all the prices and electric plans near you and gives you access to up-to-date pricing information.


FAQs about Discount Power

What kind of electricity plans does Discount Power offer?

Discount Power offers fixed-rate and variable-rate plans. With a fixed-rate option, you pay the same price for electricity through your term. Meanwhile, with variable-rate plans, your cost fluctuates based on the price of electricity. 

Is a deposit required to sign up with Discount Power?

Discount Power checks your credit as part of signing up for an account. If they cannot verify the information with the credit bureau or you have a lower score, you might have to pay a deposit. If you want to bypass this route, you can choose a no-deposit plan

Where can I pay my Discount Power bill?

You can pay your power bill with a credit or debit card, bank draft, or check. Discount Power also allows you to set up automatic payments to debit the amount due on your due date. 

Will Discount Power charge me a cancellation fee?

It depends on the plan type you select. If you go with a variable-rate plan, then you will not have a cancellation fee. However, if you choose a fixed-rate option, there is a cancellation fee. As you browse Discount Power plans, you can read the Electricity Facts Label (EFL). It contains information about prices and any cancellation fees.

Contact Discount Power

If the power goes out, be sure to contact your utility company, not Discount Power. You can find the utility in your area here

Meanwhile, if you have questions about your bill, you can reach Discount Power through one of these methods:

  • Residential and small business customers call 1-877-455-4674
  • Email Discount Power at
  • Log into your account, view, and pay your bill here