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Twenty miles north of downtown Galveston, the city of Santa Fe is home to a growing, rural community full of families and businesses with the opportunity to shop for competitive electricity rates. In 1978, the city was incorporated and was close to doubling in size by 1990. When Texas gave consumers energy choice, Santa Fe energy options expanded across the area and now offer residents and business owners hundreds of supply plans to choose from. While the city is just south of Houston and 20 minutes from the beach, it remains a close-knit community with plenty of social opportunities nearby.

What type of energy supply plan should you get?

You might be familiar with the two basic types of electricity rates available to consumers (variable rate and fixed rate), but do you know what type of rate structure is best for your situation? wants to make the process of finding a plan as easy as possible. Read below for helpful tips:

Homeowners: If you own a home and are shopping power companies in Santa Fe, you might want to check out fixed-rate supply plans. This type of plan offers price protection, fixing the rate you pay for a contract length. You don’t have to worry about changing monthly rates, and you can better budget your energy bill. You can usually sign up for a fixed-rate supply plan for up to five years and as few as six months.

Renters: If you rent a home or apartment, you have a few different options that might appeal to you. If you like the idea of price protection and you plan on residing in your home for a while, a fixed-rate supply plan might work best. However, if you are renting a place for less than a year, a variable-rate plan might be more attractive. With a variable supply plan, the rate you pay per kWh can change month-to-month. This is great when market prices drop, but can get pricey when market rates rise. Variable-rate supply plans usually last only one month, so you can sign up for a plan for as long, or as short, as you want.

Low-credit consumers: No matter whether you own or rent your home, if you have lower credit (or don’t wish to have a credit check run), then you might want to explore pre-paid Santa Fe energy options. Pre-paid energy supply plans require no deposit and operate on a pay-as-you-go basis. You load your account to pay for electricity, and you re-fill your account when needed. Electricity rates are variable, so it’s important to monitor your energy consumption.

Eco-friendly: If you are interested in green Santa Fe energy options, you can enroll in a renewable energy supply plan. While most of these types of plans are offered with fixed electricity rates, you can occasionally find this type of plan with a variable rate. With green energy supply options, your home's or business’ carbon emissions from electricity use are offset by renewable energy generation. If you consume 2,000 kWh of electricity, 2,000 kWh of green energy generation will be supported.

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