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Know Your Energy Options in San Leon

Situated on a small peninsula between Trinity Bay and Galveston Bay, San Leon is a fishing community full of history – and full of the power to compare electric companies, too. While the area suffered due to the devastating hurricane that hit Galveston in 1900, it regained its foothold in the Texas community after a century of hard work. Thanks to a population of more than 4,300, the once shattered economy is now a prime location for retailers selling electricity in San Leon.

Understand the types of supply plans offered

The types of plans for electricity in San Leon are no different than the types offered elsewhere in Texas, but you still need to understand what you’re signing up for. The area is small when compared to nearby Galveston or Houston, but your energy options in San Leon are just as competitive. You’ll notice two main types of supply plans when comparing electric rates: fixed and variable supply plans.

Fixed: If you call San Leon home all year long, you should check out fixed-rate supply options. No matter whether you live near Eagle Point or San Leon Elementary School, if you own a house or rent a home in the community full time, then you could benefit from a fixed-rate supply plan that offers price protection over an extended term. This type of plan secures a kWh rate for a contract term, and protects you from changing market prices.

Variable: Only visit your summer home in peak months, or only plan on staying at your current residence for a short while? You could benefit from variable-rate supply plans that do not require long-term contract agreements and are free from cancellation fees. With this type of plan, you pay the market price rate for electricity, meaning that your kWh rate each month has the possibility of changing.

No matter what type of plan you pick for your electricity, in San Leon you have the power to choose (and you have the power to relax)! Explore all your options and be sure to read each plan’s fact sheet.

Discover green energy options in San Leon

Investing in solar panels for your beach house is a wise idea, especially when you’re lucky enough to get sunny weather most of the year, but it’s not always the most feasible idea. If purchasing solar panels for your home isn’t an option, consider enrolling in a green energy supply plan instead. When you opt for a renewable energy plan, you’re able to offset your home’s carbon emissions by up to 100 percent. However much electricity in San Leon you consume, the retailer will invest in renewable energy generation. It’s a win-win for the environment and your wallet!

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