Galveston electricity rates
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Galveston electricity rates

Thanks to energy deregulation, light companies in Galveston operate in a competitive market. This setup encourages electric providers to offer attractive plan options and electricity rates to fight for your business. 

If you live in Galveston, you can choose your own electric company and rates based on your energy needs and budget. To start comparing options, simply enter your ZIP code.

Compare Galveston electricity rates

Gexa Energy - Gexa Eco Saver Plus 24 24 months $0.094 / kWh
4Change Energy - Maxx Saver Select 24 24 months $0.094 / kWh
Express Energy - Flash 24 24 months $0.094 / kWh
Frontier Utilities - Frontier Saver Plus 24 24 months $0.094 / kWh
Flagship Power - Galleon1000 36 36 months $0.095 / kWh
TriEagle Energy - Real Deal 24 24 months $0.129 / kWh
Discount Power - Wise Buy 24 24 months $0.132 / kWh
TXU Energy - Smart Edge 12 12 months $0.135 / kWh
Rhythm Energy - Clear Choice 16 16 months $0.136 / kWh
Pulse Power - Texas Fixed 15 15 months $0.137 / kWh
First Choice Power - You Got This 12 12 months $0.144 / kWh
Constellation - 12 Month Usage Bill Credit 12 months $0.149 / kWh
Reliant - Basic Power 24 24 months $0.152 / kWh
Payless Power - Premier 12 - Prepaid Plan 12 months $0.152 / kWh
Chariot Energy - GridEdge 36 36 months $0.164 / kWh
Direct Energy - Live Brighter Lite 24 24 months $0.213 / kWh
Cirro - Smart Value 12 Online 12 months $0.247 / kWh
Green Mountain - Pollution Free e-Plus 24 Preferred 24 months $0.252 / kWh

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 3/29/2023, 10:42:57 AM CDT for ZIP Code 77550. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

Galveston electric companies

Texas deregulated its energy market in 2002, and more than 85% of the state now enjoys an open market. That means residents and businesses can compare plans and providers and choose an electricity service that fits their needs.

Your electric supplier sells electricity to you through a plan. Galveston has a wide range of light companies to choose from. Popular options include TXU Energy, Constellation, 4Change Energy, and Frontier Utilities.

While you can choose your Galveston electricity provider, your utility is assigned based on where you live. Regardless of which energy provider you choose, your local utility company will deliver your electricity and maintain the power infrastructure. It is also responsible for restoring electricity if the power goes out.

The utility company for Galveston residents is CenterPoint Energy. If you experience a power outage, contact CenterPoint by calling 800-332-7143 or using this online form.

Types of Galveston electric plans

Not all electricity plans are the same. When you shop around for your next plan from a light company in Galveston, you’ll have the option to choose between a fixed-rate, variable-rate, or no-deposit plan.

  • Fixed-rate plans: A fixed-rate energy plan is just like it sounds — you pay a fixed price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for your entire contract. Your rate won’t change from one month to the next. Fixed-rate plans usually have contracts ranging from 12–36 months, and you may be subject to early termination fees (ETFs) if you leave the contract prematurely.
  • Variable-rate plans: Unlike fixed-rate plans, variable-rate plans don’t have contracts. Your service is month to month, and your rate in any given month is based on the current energy market. You’ll see your rate increase in some months and decrease in others. Because there’s no contract, there are no ETFs. You can switch to another plan at any point.
  • No-deposit plans: Most energy plans require an upfront deposit. When you sign up for your plan, your new supplier will usually run a credit check, and you’ll pay a deposit unless you meet a certain threshold. If you have low credit or prefer to avoid paying a deposit, you can sign up for a prepaid no-deposit energy plan and pay for your electricity as you go.

Galveston electric rates in my area

Electricity rates vary based on where you live and the utility that services your area. The rate someone pays in one part of Texas may be entirely different from your rate in Galveston due to supply charges, delivery fees, and taxes. To find out the current electric rates near you, enter your ZIP code on the Choose Texas Power marketplace. We’ll show you a list of plans and light companies in your area.

Galveston commercial energy

Deregulation in Texas isn’t just for residents. Businesses can also choose their own energy providers. If you’re a business owner in Galveston and want to learn more about commercial energy plans, call the number on your screen or fill out the form on this page for a quote.

Green energy plans in Galveston

Texas ranks first in the nation for wind energy generation and among the top five for solar energy generation, making it a national leader in green energy. Each energy plan in Texas therefore includes a percentage of green energy, which you can find on your plan’s electricity facts label (EFL).

Some light companies in Galveston take it a step further and offer fully renewable energy plans. For a 100% green energy plan, you can shop popular renewable energy providers like Gexa Energy.

Are you moving to Galveston?

Galveston is an island city located on the Gulf of Mexico. It is about an hour southeast of Houston. The town has many popular local beaches, historical sites, and a historic downtown district. It also features a deregulated energy market that gives residents the power to choose in Galveston. To explore electric plans and options for your new home, enter your ZIP code and start comparing providers.

Galveston energy FAQs

Which provider has the cheapest electricity rates in Galveston?

The cheapest electricity plan depends on where you live. You can enter your ZIP code to find the cheapest available rates from each Galveston electric company at any given time. Frontier Utilities, Gexa Energy, and Flagship Power typically offer competitive rates.

What is the best energy provider in Galveston?

With so many electricity providers in Texas, choosing the right one can be difficult. Choose Texas Power can show you a list of providers and plans available in your neighborhood. You can use our filter tool to sort through your options based on your preferences, such as green energy or prepaid plans. We also have useful resources to help you choose your next electricity plan.

What is the average electric bill in Galveston?

The latest average electricity rate in Texas is 14.26 cents per kilowatt-hour. The state’s average monthly electricity bill is $156.

How can I lower my electricity bill in Galveston?

There are many ways to lower your energy bills. You can start with simple strategies like unplugging unused appliances, resealing windows and doors, and using your HVAC system less often. Installing energy-efficient appliances can make a big impact on your energy usage. You can also try switching electric plans for a lower rate.