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Located between the bustling metropolis of Houston and the resort town of Galveston, the city of Deer Park, Texas, has tons to offer, such as beautiful murals along Highway 225, the world’s tallest memorial column (the San Jacinto Monument) and the historic USS TEXAS. In addition to all these attractions, another feature that makes the city a great place to call home is the power to compare electric rates. Explore and shop power companies in Deer Park.

Compare electric rates in Deer Park

Shopping for electricity in Deer Park, or in any area with energy choice, can seem overwhelming at first. If you enter your ZIP code and explore supply plans available to you, you’ll notice two main types of rate structures: fixed and variable.

Variable rate: If you rent your home or are in temporary housing, a variable-rate plan might be a good option. No matter whether you’re living near College Park or near Parktown Center, plans for variable-rate electricity in Deer Park don’t require long-term contracts. The rate you pay per kWh can change each month, so it’s important to be aware of the market rate for electricity.

Fixed rate: Taking advantage of Deer Park’s low property tax rate? Homeowners (and people renting for more than three months) should consider a fixed-rate supply plan. This type of plan offers price protection by securing a rate per kWh for a contract term. Instead of wondering what you’ll pay per kWh every month, a fixed supply plan offers predictability and can allow you to better budget your energy costs.

Go Green in Harris County

With more than 32,000 people in Deer Park alone, Harris County is a populous area in Southeast Texas. With so many people shopping for energy supply and increasing energy demand, it’s important to consider renewable electric options. Green electricity in Deer Park helps offset your home or business’ carbon footprint by supporting renewable energy generation, such as wind and solar. With many plans you can offset up to 100 percent of your household’s carbon emissions, helping the Lone Star state remain a leader in green energy.

Report power loss to CenterPoint Energy

If you ever experience a power outage in Deer Park, call CenterPoint Energy. This utility is in charge of all electrical infrastructure in the area. If there is ever an emergency or outage, call CenterPoint Energy at 1-800-332-7143.

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