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Just a 40 minute drive south from San Antonio, the small city of Devine, Texas, and the residents and business owners who call the city home, has the power to choose electricity supply. With more than 4,350 consumers living within the area, electricity companies in Devine have to compete to get residents to purchase plans.

Support green energy generation

The city and surrounding area is home to agribusiness, with farms sprawling acres upon acres past city limits. In fact, the city can attribute much of its growth to the Medina Irrigation Company that expanded gravity-flow irrigation from Medina Lake to the area. With green roots in agriculture, it’s only natural for consumers to want to continue the tradition and support green energy generation.

When exploring Devine electric rates, you can find green energy supply plans that offset your home’s carbon emissions. Energy supply plans vary, but many green energy supply options offer carbon offsets up to 100 percent. This means that however much energy you consume at home, electricity companies in Devine will match it with green energy generation. Be sure to explore all renewable energy options available and read each energy facts label.

Report power loss to AEP Texas

Instead of contacting the retailer that provides your Devine electric rates, call your utility for an electrical emergency. For the Devine area, the utility in charge of the electrical infrastructure is AEP Texas. You can report an outage to AEP Texas online here, or call the utility at 1-866-223-8508.

Get connected with Devine electric rates today

Before you make your decision on which supply plan to get, understand the difference between the variable-rate and fixed-rate supply plans. If you own your home, consider enrolling in a fixed-rate supply plan. This type of plan secures the rate you pay per kWh for an entire term agreement. If you rent an apartment or if you live in shorter-term housing, consider a variable-rate supply plan. This type of plan's rate per kWh may change every month. There is usually no long-term contract or cancellation fee, so you can switch at the end of the month if you think market rates will rise or fall in the near future.

Whatever you choose, you can always call to help you. We have energy representatives waiting to answer your questions and get you an electric supply plan that fits your situation.

Updated: 10-17-16.

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