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Find the electric rate that's right for you

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Find the electric rate that's right for you
Are you moving to a new address?

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Searching for electricity in Abilene? If you are a resident or business owner in Abilene, there are many competing Texas electricity companies providing energy supply plans to consumers. These companies, also known as retail electric providers, offer supply plans with varying terms and rate types. With multiple options of supply plans to pick from, consumers need to take time and compare all options to ensure they select a fitting energy plan for their electricity in Abilene. Please note: the following rates were published and are accurate as of 8/29/2017 at 4:40 PM for ZIP code 79605. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up-to-date rates in your area, please enter your ZIP code above.

Abilene Electricity Rates

Abilene Electricity Rates 12 months $0.075 / kWh
Cirro Energy Smart Value 12 Online 12 months $0.078 / kWh
Just Energy Texas Advantage 36 36 months $0.093 / kWh
4Change Energy Generous Saver 12 12 months $0.075 / kWh
TXU Energy Smart Deal 12 12 months $0.079 / kWh
Reliant Energy Secure Advantage 12 12 months $0.099 / kWh
First Choice Power You Got This 24 24 months $0.085 / kWh
Bounce Energy Terrific 12 12 months $0.086 / kWh
TriEagle Energy Eagle 12 12 months $0.086 / kWh
Green Mountain Energy Pollution Free e-Plus 12 Preferred 12 months $0.099 / kWh
Amigo Energy Intelli Saver 12 12 months $0.088 / kWh

Understand energy supply plan details

Since there are so many supply plan options, it's good to determine what is most important to you. Supply plan terms and supply rates are the two big factors when selecting an energy plan. Most supply plans come with a fixed or variable supply rate, and these supply plans have either month-to-month contracts or long-term contracts. If you want the flexibility of a month-to-month plan and the ability to take advantage of the ever-changing market price of energy, variable-rate plans may work best for you. If you prefer the stability and price protection a fixed-rate supply plan offers, a variable plan may not be best.

Explore renewable energy plans with Texas electricity companies

Star-like wind turbines are a familiar sight for the city of Abilene. Residents and business owners can utilize production of renewable electricity in Abilene through nearby wind farms. Retail electric companies work with wind farms like the ones near Abilene and purchase energy credits on behalf of consumers enrolled in green energy plans.

Green Abilene energy plans available from retailers match up to 100 percent of a home's or business' energy consumption with renewable energy credits. If you use around 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity in a single billing period, depending on your chosen green energy supply plan, your selected retailer could purchase 1,000 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy produced through wind farms.

Renewable energy credits offset a home or business building's carbon footprint by matching consumption with generation of clean energy, such as wind-powered energy, back into the grid up to 100 percent. In other words, eco-friendly practices like green energy plans for electricity in Abilene help the greater good of Texas business owners and residents by reducing carbon compounds emitted through fossil fuels that harm the environment. It's a win-win!

Know who to call during an Abilene energy outage

While a retail electric provider sells energy to you, AEP Texas, the local transmission and distribution service provider, delivers electricity in Abilene. Unlike a retailer, transmission and distribution service providers cannot be chosen, and are determined by location instead. Since AEP Texas delivers electricity in Abilene, the utility is in charge of maintenance and owns the electrical infrastructure in its service area. For residents or business owners, this information is important to know during an electrical emergency. If there is ever a loss of power or if there is damage to power lines, consumers in Abilene should contact AEP Texas as soon as possible to report the problem.

AEP Texas: 1-866-223-8508

Speak with an energy representative

If you would like to know more, or if you have any questions regarding electricity in Abilene, then call today. An Abilene energy representative will be happy to help you find the supply plan that is best for you.

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