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Smart meters can help you save energy.

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Smart meters automatically report the energy usage of your home or business back to the utility company. Smart meters have more capabilities than traditional meters to help save money on energy bills because of quicker communication and less need for manual reporting. Texas is a leading state in smart meter installations, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).  Most Texas homes and buildings have a smart meter on-site, creating a smart grid that detects and reacts to changes.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter allows two-way communication through secure wireless networks between a utility company and its consumer. Traditional electric meters require an electrician to inspect usage each month. Smart meters allow the same service to be completed remotely and in 15-minute intervals. With smart meters installed, the utility is better suited to serve you and troubleshoot problems, like power outages.

What is the smart grid?

The smart grid is a collection of smart meters in a utility service area. Smart grids allow utilities to track total energy consumption and reduce peak electricity demand. They provide a more efficient way of communicating data to understand consumer energy needs. The smart grid also benefits customers because you can get same-day electricity when purchasing a new plan. 

Do smart meters save money?

Yes, smart meters can lead to savings because they provide real-time feedback on your home’s energy consumption. These insights allow you to adjust your energy usage during high demand to save on electricity bills. 

The collection of smart meters and grids can learn energy consumption patterns. Over time, the smart grid will produce the exact amount of energy needed in that area, which reduces the chances of power outages from a strain on the grid. More efficient usage of the electricity grid can also lead to lower prices from utility companies. 

Contact your utility company to learn more about smart meters and the smart grid. If you are unsatisfied with your current energy provider, consider switching providers, or exploring other energy plans, like no-deposit electricity plans. Enter your ZIP code to find the best electricity rates near you. 


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