Direct Energy vs. TXU Energy: Compare Top Providers
Compare TXU Energy and Direct Energy rates, plans, and reviews

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Key Points

  • TXU Energy scored higher overall than Direct Energy for Choose Texas Power’s provider ratings. 
  • Direct Energy scored higher than TXU Energy for online accessibility. 
  • Comparing energy providers can help you find the right provider for your usage and budget.

The Texas deregulated energy market gives people more electricity providers to choose from to meet their energy needs. Two companies, TXU Energy and Direct Energy, are leaders in the industry, each with strengths, benefits, and unique offerings. 

Learn more about Direct Energy vs. TXU Energy to determine which company is best for you.

Direct Energy vs. TXU Energy provider reviews

At Choose Texas Power, we review energy companies based on customer service, online accessibility, and plan options. The following table compares our Direct Energy Review and TXU Energy review using a 5-point scale.


Category Direct Energy review TXU Energy review
Customer service 3.0 4.9
Online accessibility 5 4.3
Plan options 3.7 5
Overall score 3.9 4.8

Compare Direct Energy and TXU Energy

After evaluating each company, TXU Energy has a higher customer service, plan options, and overall rating. Learn more about how TXU and Direct Energy compare for each category. 

Customer service

Direct Energy rating TXU Energy rating
3.0/5 4.9/5

When shopping for an energy supplier in Texas, prioritizing high-quality customer service can positively enhance your experience. Our reviews consider each company’s Power to Choose complaint score, if active, Google reviews, satisfaction guarantee, service options, and years in business. 

TXU Energy scored higher than Direct Energy for customer service. TXU Energy also offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re unhappy with your service, you can switch to a new plan without paying an Early Termination Fee (ETF). Direct Energy has no satisfaction guarantee, which negatively impacts its score. If customer service is a high priority for you, consider choosing TXU Energy. 

Online accessibility

Direct Energy rating TXU Energy rating
5/5 4.3/5

A simple-to-use website makes paying bills easy and improves the customer experience. For this category, we review online bill pay options, access to energy usage information or alerts, and price transparency — keeping this in mind, Direct Energy got a perfect score. TXU Energy didn’t score as high because some of their plans don’t have clear pricing, which might affect how much you anticipate paying for your energy. Before choosing an electricity plan, read the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for your plan details, including rates and fees. 

Plan options

Direct Energy rating TXU Energy rating
3.7/5 5/5

Having multiple plan options can help you find one tailored to your energy habits and preferences. TXU Energy received a perfect score in this category because the company offers several plan lengths and types to suit your energy needs.

However, Direct Energy’s score was negatively impacted by a limited number of plan types and lengths. While Direct Energy offers popular options such as 12- or 14-month fixed-rate plans, the absence of other plan lengths, variable-rate options, or prepaid plans may limit your choices and flexibility.

Direct Energy vs. TXU Energy price comparison

Electricity rates vary based on location. Enter your ZIP code on the Choose Texas Power marketplace to compare prices for your home. At the time of writing, TXU Energy and Direct Energy offer the same lowest rate. However, TXU’s Smart Edge 12 is a 12-month plan versus Direct Energy’s Live Brighter Lite 24 is a 24-month plan. Choosing a longer-term plan with a low rate can lead to savings.

When comparing prices, review plan details and a specific rate breakdown of each option to determine which is best for you. For example, even though both plans have the same rate, the TXU Energy plan has a $30 discount on your energy bill every month if you use 800 kWh or more. In contrast, Direct Energy waives usage fees for consumption below 1,000 kWh, making it a better choice for low-usage customers, such as apartment dwellers. 

While price is an important factor in your electricity decisions, a more expensive plan may offer better benefits depending on your energy needs.

How do I choose an energy company in Texas?

Picking an energy company in Texas is simple with Choose Texas Power. By entering your ZIP code on our marketplace, you can search and compare available plans in your area. Narrow your options using the filters to only display your preferences. For example, you can narrow options to display only Direct Energy and TXU Energy plans. 

Use the following steps to sign up for an energy plan in Texas today. 

  • Enter your ZIP code. Search and compare energy plans in your area. 
  • Filter and compare plans. Filter your options based on your preferences to compare plans and providers.
  • Sign up quickly. Sign up for your energy plan online or call the number on your screen for assistance.

Direct Energy vs. TXU Energy — Which is best?

The best energy provider for you depends on your preferences. TXU Energy scored a higher rating in our review process due to its high-quality customer service and plan options and is a great all-around choice. Keep in mind, some plan options are not available from Direct Energy. For example, if you want a 36-month plan, choose TXU Energy’s Smart Deal 36 because Direct Energy does not offer that length. However, the best plan for you is based on your usage patterns, budget, and other preferences. Enter your ZIP code and start comparing energy plans in Texas to find the perfect fit for your needs.