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About BKV Energy

Founded in 2015, BKV Energy is an electricity provider in Texas aiming to help customers reduce their electricity costs and consumption. BKV Energy plans are created to be transparent and easy to understand. The company offers plans with no monthly base charges or usage requirements, and you can cancel plans within 30 days of enrollment without any fees.

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Instead of spending hours researching the best electricity company in Texas, use the Choose Texas Power marketplace to simplify your search. You can compare options in your area and sign up in minutes. Use the following steps to find your new perfect energy fit or to switch providers

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Types of plans offered by BKV Energy

Each BKV Energy plan type includes a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you sign up and are unhappy with your service or experience, you can cancel within 30 days of enrollment. Unlike some providers, BKV energy plans do not have usage requirements or other base fees. If you cancel your contract before it ends, you will incur a $20 early termination fee (ETF) for each remaining month in the contract term. The fee is waived if you move outside the provider’s service area. 

Plan options vary by location, enter your ZIP code for available offerings in your area. Learn more about BKV Energy plans on the Choose Texas Power marketplace. 

Lantana 12, 24 or 36

With these fixed-rate plans, you can secure your electricity rate for 12 to 36 months. You’ll enjoy price stability and predictable energy bills. 

Lantana Green 12, 24 or 36

Support green energy initiatives by selecting a Lantana Green renewable electricity plan. Customers can choose between three various term lengths for extended savings. This option offsets your usage with Renewable Energy Credits (RECS) for 100% green energy from sources like wind or solar

Electricity rates in my area

In Texas, how much you pay for energy varies by your designated utility company’s transmission charges and government fees. Even if you have the same provider and plan, your electricity bill might not be the same as someone across the state. Choose Texas Power marketplace rates include all fees, so the price on your screen is the price you’ll pay. Enter your ZIP code to explore the best electricity rates for your home.

Contact BKV Energy

Knowing who to contact when you need support makes a difference. During a power outage, contact your utility company, not your energy provider. The utility maintains power lines, delivers power, and handles outages. Your energy provider is responsible for account management, billing, and energy plan offerings. If you need help or have questions about your service, contact BKV Energy.

  • Call customer service: (855) 258-4797
  • Text customer service: (405) 450-8747
  • Email: support@bkvenergy.com
  • Online account: Log in to your online account using your Login ID and password.

FAQs about BKV Energy

How do I sign up for BKV Energy service? 

Enrolling in a BKV Energy plan is simple with Choose Texas Power. Enter your ZIP code on this page and use the filter to find the available BKV Energy plans. Review the plan documents and sign up online or over the phone. If there are no BKV Energy plans in your area, explore other options from high-rated providers like TXU Energy and TriEagle Energy. Check out our TXU Energy review to learn more.


Who owns BKV Energy?

BKV Corporation owns BKV Energy. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado, BKV Corporation aims to achieve net-zero emissions by the end of 2025.


How do I get the cheapest electricity in Texas?

For cheap energy rates in Texas, enter your ZIP code and sort the options from lowest to highest price. Remember to review the plan documents, including the EFL to ensure it is the best plan and company for you. While low rates are attractive, there may be a better fit for your energy usage.