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Hudson Energy for Commercial Energy

When Texas deregulated its energy market in 2002, it didn’t just do it for residential customers. Commercial energy also was deregulated, giving business owners and operators the power to choose energy providers, too. Among the providers competing for commercial energy customers in Texas is Hudson Energy.

Business energy experts at Choose Texas Power can help with that choice. We’ll ask for a little information about your business. For example, we’ll ask about your average monthly usage, how you use your power, and when you use most of it. It’s not because we’re nosy. It’s information we’ll use to help customize a plan for you with Hudson Energy or another one of the providers we work with.

About Hudson Energy

Hudson began in 2002 in New York. Four years later, it expanded operations in Texas It is now part of of Canada-based Just Energy Group. Besides Texas and New York, it works with companies of all sizes seeking commercial electricity in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, and Illinois.

Business electricity customers in the Oncor, CenterPoint, AEP Texas Central, AEP Texas North, and Texas-New Mexico Power utility areas can take advantage of Hudson Energy’s commercial energy rates. That includes businesses in the following cities:

Regardless of where your company is in deregulated Texas, our energy experts will find the best option for your commercial electricity and help you try to cut your bills.

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Texas businesses can choose their electricity company

What Hudson Energy brings to businesses

Hudson Energy says its adaptability sets it apart from other providers. It also clearly sets out customer rights for commercial energy clients, maintaining those customers can expect:

  • Innovation.
  • Fair pricing.
  • Reliability.

Hudson offers three types of plans:

  • Fixed rates. Your electricity supply rates won’t change over the term of the contract. That gives you stability even if market prices get volatile, as they sometimes do.
  • Variable rates: Supply rates are tied to wholesale energy prices. This is more of a gamble. Sometimes there will be savings over fixed rates, but if the market is disrupted, prices can soar.
  • Mixed/hybrid. This starts with a fixed rate for a set portion of usage. Once you reach that level, you’ll pay a rate tied to the market price. This limits your exposure but still could produce savings when prices are low.

Take five minutes to see what our energy experts can find for you with a Hudson Energy plan. There’s no obligation to get a quote. If you hear something you like, we’ll help you switch providers.

Commercial energy rates in my area

Like residential electricity prices, commercial energy rates can vary by location, particularly after accounting for such factors as transmission and distribution rates and local fees and taxes. But you don’t have to do a web search for “cheap business electricity near me” or “best commercial energy providers in my area.” You’ll spend hours going through the results of that search.

Our energy experts can answer that question in minutes.

Shop business electricity rates

Business owners recently reported in a survey by Dynata that they spend about five hours each year shopping for commercial energy. That’s because they worried about cost, ease of buying a plan, running through the available options, and more.

You don’t have to do that. Our energy experts have done the research and can address the concerns you have when shopping for a commercial energy plan.

Fill out the form today or call us at the number on this page. You don’t need to spend five hours on a confusing search.

Contacting Hudson Energy

After you become a customer of Hudson Energy, you’ll need a way to contact the company. We’ve got you covered with the following: