LoneStar Spotlight: TREDAGAIN

Shelly WhiteTexas Travel


With TREDAGAIN®, you can walk on a surface where others have gone – or driven – before. Founded in Austin in 2015, TREDAGAIN produces the world’s first upcycled-tire shoe. It … Read More

LoneStar Spotlight: Ruggles Green

Celeste FondeurTexas Travel

CTXP TEMPLATE for ruggles green

Ruggles Green, the fast-casual restaurant chain known for healthy and local fare, is the first Certified Green Restaurant™ in Houston. This certification is awarded to restaurants by the Green Restaurant … Read More

5 Green Small Businesses in Texas

Heather BaileyTexas Travel

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Today, there are close to 30 million small businesses across the country, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. From multi-generation family-owned businesses to startups, there are many small businesses … Read More

6 Benefits of Community Gardens

Celeste FondeurGreen Living

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Many community gardens are built in vacant lots that are cheap to purchase but require continual involvement to thrive. By growing gardens together, neighbors have the opportunity to become closer … Read More