Lonestar Spotlight: Prographix

Jenna Careri / August 7th, 2017

Prographix uses recycled resources.

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Austin, TX, is known as a green community – with 214 Green Business Leaders leading the pack. One of those Green Business Leaders is ProGraphix, a local graphics printing company that specializes in eco-friendly prints and business practices. When an average of 17% of all things printed are considered waste, there is plenty to learn from the brand about conservation of paper and other printing materials.

The environmentally conscious company does not sacrifice style for eco-friendliness in its vivid designs – here, the two go together. Customers can expect a variety of graphic prints, such as window graphics, banners, posters and vehicle wraps. What makes the printing brand green? ProGraphix shows a deep commitment to environmentally friendly business practices. The company focuses on sustainability in these areas of their business: materials and equipment, waste management/recycling and energy conservation.

What sustainable materials does the company use?

To make their environmentally sustainable designs, ProGraphix uses several recyclable, biodegradable or compostable materials. Recyclable materials, like plastic, are categorized by number so customers know how to dispose of them once they’re no longer needed. A favorite among local companies is the material coroplast, which falls into the number five recycling category, along with bottles and rope. The company also uses recycled components, such as the falconboard poster material, which is made from renewable forest resources. Some printing materials are not only recyclable, but fall into all three categories. One such item is black-out paper, which can be recycled in convenient blue bins provided by the city of Austin. ProGraphix customers can get details on the eco-friendly materials right for their project in samples, quotes or invoices supplied by the company.

Materials that cannot be recycled are still chosen with the environment in mind. ProGraphix uses latex ink that releases little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), as these chemicals release harmful ozone generators. Wasted ink is then stored in containers until they can be properly disposed of by an authorized vendor.

What are the company’s sustainable practices?

Where possible, ProGraphix takes steps to combat waste before it starts. It encourages customers to choose their designs via electronic proofs to avoid litter from wasted materials. If customers require a physical proof, the company prints samples on wasted material from active projects.

ProGraphix employs many practices to conserve energy in its office. The brand purchases Energy Star compliant equipment and uses programmable thermostats to reduce energy use during cooler parts of the day. Another energy-efficient feature the building uses is LED bulbs, which are known to be six or seven times more energy-efficient, according to the Department of Energy.

Who loves ProGraphix?

For its efforts to be environmentally conscious, ProGraphix was recognized as a platinum Green Business Leader in Austin. This is awarded to companies that protect the environment, enhance the community and maintain a healthy workplace. The company has also gotten plenty of recognition around the community. Big name patrons like Whole Foods, the San Antonio Zoo and Texas Department of Agriculture have sung its praises for its designs and quality.


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