Lonestar Spotlight: Green Gorilla Movers

Caitlin Cosper / September 14th, 2017

Green Gorilla movers can help you.



Many people don’t realize the incredible toll that moving takes on the environment. Cardboard boxes, paper wrappings and fuel emissions from moving trucks contribute to more than 41% of landfill waste and greenhouse gas release. That’s why Green Gorilla Movers, an eco-friendly moving company based in Austin, Texas, is changing the way we pack and transport belongings for a big move.

Which sustainable technologies does the company use?

John and Sheila Flores began Green Gorilla Movers to raise the standards of the traditional moving company. The couple is dedicated to using innovative and eco-friendly materials for every move, from containers and wrappings to tape and fuel. Instead of letting movers pack in traditional cardboard boxes with Styrofoam and bubble wrap, Green Gorilla Movers provides all eco-friendly packing materials to customers. It exclusively provides zero-waste bins, which are cleaned and reused hundreds of times by the company. To keep valuables safe while still considering the environment, Green Gorilla Movers offers biodegradable tape, stretch film and Geami Greenwrap. Each of these products is made with all-natural, compostable materials that are cheaper than most waste-producing alternatives.

What green initiatives does the company follow?

Not only are all Green Gorilla Movers’ packing materials eco-friendly, but the company also uses modern technology such as biodiesel fuel and paper-free transactions. Every moving truck owned by Green Gorilla Movers runs on DieselGreen Fuels, a clean-burning fuel made from cooking oil. This allows trucks to idle or drive long distances without negatively affecting the environment. In addition, Green Gorilla Movers keeps all transactions paperless and digital with tablets; any paper used is always 100% recycled or compostable stock.

How does the company give back?

Green Gorilla Movers is involved with a couple of philanthropic projects; the first is the Plant a Billion campaign founded by the Nature Conservancy. For every move Green Gorilla Movers provides, the company plants a tree in the Atlantic Forest, the planet’s largest and most endangered tropical forest. Green Gorilla Movers also contributes a portion of every move to the Gorilla Organization, an award-winning program committed to saving its namesake from extinction.


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