Easy-to-Care-For Plants For Your Home or Office

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Creating a welcoming environment in your home or office isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Greenery can make any room inviting, but the benefits go beyond adding a decorative touch to your space. Plants have been linked to alleviating stress, improving air quality and increasing productivity. Also, there are some plants out there that require low maintenance and thrive in areas without natural sunlight. If you’re ready to green your indoor space, read more about the following easy-to-care-for plants.

Air plant

Unlike most greenery, an air plant doesn’t rely on soil to grow. Its roots are only used to secure to trees, rocks or planters. Although its leaves hold moisture, the plant still needs to be watered. Soak the air plant in water for 30 minutes once a month. If you feel it needs extra water in between soaking periods, mist the plant once a week with a spray bottle. Also, air plants survive best in warmer temperatures and places with shade or fluorescent lighting. If you want to green up your space even more, put together a small terrarium that includes air plants, rocks and other low maintenance succulents.

Aloe vera

Typically recognized for its healing properties, the aloe vera plant mainly consists of water and doesn’t require daily care. It thrives best in areas with direct sunlight, dry air and warm temperatures. The plant prefers dry soil, so water it no more than once a week. To avoid overwatering, place the plant in a pot with holes at the bottom for excess water drainage. Have a small cut or a patch of sunburn? Cut off part of one of the aloe vera leaves and apply its gel directly on the irritated area.


Known as a symbol of good fortune, bamboo could add a bit of feng shui to your home or workplace. Some bamboo plants are simple in design, while others are braided into intricate patterns. Good feng shui depends on the plant’s placement in the home or office. However, seek out an area with indirect light since the plant’s leaves can brown if they receive too much sunlight. In addition to lighting, bamboo needs lots of water. Submerge at least one-third of its base in water at all times to keep the plant healthy.

Spider plant

Green thumb beginners will appreciate the spider plant’s simplicity and durability. All you need to do is ensure the plant has enough light and water. Spider plants do best in bright indirect sunlight, but can also adapt to areas with fluorescent lighting. Also, don’t let a spider plant’s soil go dry. Be sure to water the soil until it’s evenly saturated. If the plant’s leaves turn brown, don’t panic. Grab a pair of scissors and prune the ribbon-like leaves yourself!

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