Learn About Smart Meters in Texas:

As technology for monitoring electricity begins to improve and the United States continues to implement a new smart grid, you might want to find out more about smart meters in the Lone Star State. Read on to discover the benefits of an updated meter reading system and find answers to important questions such as "What is a smart meter" and "How can I get a smart meter."

What is a smart meter?

Every home in the state of Texas has an on-site meter that keeps track of the number of kWh it has consumed. Utility workers must check every home, each month, to read the power meter. The number they report is used to calculate your electricity bill. Many of the utility companies in Texas have begun replacing traditional meters with smart meters. But you might ask yourself — what is a smart meter? How is it different? A smart meter is an electronic device that digitally measures your energy usage and automatically transmits your energy consumption data to your local utility.

What are smart meters for businesses? If you own or operate a business in Texas, your utility is likely to replace your traditional meter as well. The smart meter used for your business will be similar to the ones placed on residential properties and it will have the same benefits listed below.

What are smart meters for renewable energy? When you utilize a high-tech meter, it doesn't differentiate between types of energy. If you want to purchase electricity supply composed solely of fossil fuels or green energy you can use the same meter.

What are smart meters' benefits?

  • No meter reader. Eliminating the need for meter readers means you will no longer have utility workers driving by.
  • Up-to-date electricity usage data. A smart power meter records power usage every 15 minutes as opposed to once a month.
  • Better manage your electricity usage. By viewing the digital screen on your power meter, you could easily monitor your energy usage as the billing cycle progresses. When you make energy-efficient changes, you can observe how they help you save.
  • Faster utility service. A smart meter will notify your utility of a power outage immediately, so it can dispatch crews to resolve the situation quickly.
  • Technology. While the meter itself is high-tech, it's paving the way for more advances in energy management. In the future, these devices will be equipped to electronically connect to and monitor the energy usage of specific items in your home, such as your air conditioner.

How can I get a smart meter?

Many utility companies have already begun installing smart meters for Texas homes and businesses. The deployment of these devices is being done in phases. If you haven't received a new power meter yet, you might wonder, "How can I get a smart meter today?" Contacting your utility is the only way to know when it will implement a power meter for your home or business. It can let you know its plans for distributing the devices, as well as costs that you may incur. The Public Utility Commission authorized electric delivery companies to add a surcharge to customers' bills to help recoup the cost of these high-tech devices. You should contact your utility to find out more about the smart meters it plans to install in your area.