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Take a Look at Round Rock Energy Plans

When you compare electricity rates in Round Rock, you're shopping energy plans in a city with a low cost of living, low crime rates and in a city that has embraced Texas energy choice. Electricity in Round Rock is deregulated, meaning residents and business owners are able to choose an energy plan from retail electric providers (REPs). The ability to choose a supply plan from a desired REP upholds the city and state's historic spirit of independence and exploration of new frontiers. By giving consumers the power to choose their electric provider, electricity in Round Rock only adds to the city's reputation as a center of economic growth and diversity.

Compare electricity rates from Round Rock providers

Energy choice allows consumers to compare Round Rock energy plans, which gives REPs the opportunity to compete for a consumer's business. Consumers have multiple supply plans to choose from. It's important to understand energy options and explore contract lengths, supply rate types and specific REP promotions.

Contract lengths can range from one month to five years, so it's best to decide how long you want to secure a supply rate. Each energy plan has a specific supply rate type, with the two most common being variable and fixed rate. Variable-rate supply plans have a price per kilowatt hour (kWh) that varies each month, and fixed-rate supply plans have a price per kWh that remains the same for the length of the plan's term. Be sure to read up on all the details and promotions each provider offers to see which plan is right for you.

Sign up for green electricity in Round Rock

Texas is proving its commitment to green energy, with wind energy producing around 10 percent of the state's electrical capacity. Texans, and specifically Round Rock residents, can join the green energy movement by enrolling in Round Rock energy plans that support renewable energy generation.

Through the energy marketplace, consumers can select green energy supply plans that match electricity consumption with renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset their business' or home's carbon footprint. RECs go toward adding clean energy generation, such as Texas wind power, to the electrical grid.

Some providers of electricity in Round Rock go the extra mile and are involved with additional green energy efforts such as planting trees, donating to local organizations and volunteering with sustainability focused programs. Explore all options and see if a REP is involved with renewable initiatives. Your environmentally conscious efforts can help keep electricity in Round Rock cleaner.

Report issues to Oncor, not your provider

Energy choice allows Round Rock residents to choose a supply plan offered by a REP, but it does not apply to electric utilities. Electricity in Round Rock is within the Oncor service area, and Oncor is responsible for distributing electricity supply to residents and business owners. Since the utility maintains and owns the electrical infrastructure in Round Rock, consumers should call Oncor if they experience power loss, see any damage to power lines or request maintenance.

Call now to secure Round Rock energy plans

Whether you need more information about a particular energy plan or about how to set up your electricity in Round Rock, contact today. Energy representatives are available to speak with you and help you find the supply plan that's best for you.


Updated: 3-16-16.