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Choose a Pflugerville Electricity Plan

If you're a consumer in Pflugerville, electricity choice is an option. Unlike neighboring Austin, Pflugerville home and business owners have the ability to choose their retail electric provider (REP). While the city has a small town feel, residents still have plenty of options from energy companies in Pflugerville. With hundreds of energy plans to choose from, consumers are sure to find the plan that's best for them.

Check out the details on your Texas electricity options, such as contract terms, rewards programs and supply rate types. Take the time to understand what you need in an energy plan before you choose from a REP. To get started, enter your ZIP code and explore the options available to you.

Know who to call during a power outage

Residents and businesses choose their energy companies in Pflugerville, but they don't pick their utilities. A REP may generate your monthly electric bill, but your utility, or transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP), distributes the energy to your location.

Pflugerville electricity customers are within the Oncor utility service area. If you experience any loss of power or notice a downed power line in your neighborhood, call Oncor and report it as soon as possible. The faster Oncor knows about an electrical issue, the faster it can resolve it.

  • Oncor emergency line: 1-888-373-4747
  • Learn about green energy companies in Pflugerville

    No matter whether you live in Blackhawk, Brookfield Estates or anywhere in between, many Pflugerville electricity providers offer eco-friendly, green energy plans. After looking at available energy plans, you will see which REPs offer sustainable energy solutions. Each provider's green energy plans have differing details, but the bottom line is green energy plans can help offset a home's or place of business' carbon footprint from electricity consumption.

    When you choose a green energy plan for your business or your home, your energy consumption is matched up to 100 percent with renewable energy credits that support clean energy production. In Texas, wind energy accounts for about 12 percent of overall electricity production. This is because the Texas Panhandle has sustained wind speeds at an 80-meter height, which is important because wind turbines reach about 80-100 meters above ground. Essentially, Texas has an environment that is first-rate for wind energy developers. In addition, renewable energy credits matched from green energy plans help sustain wind energy's predominance in the Lone Star State. Choosing a green energy plan for your Pflugerville electricity is one step in making your electrical energy consumption more sustainable.

    Get a Pflugerville electricity supply plan today

    Hundreds of Pflugerville electricity options can seem overwhelming, but is here to help. If you need advice about whether a fixed-rate or variable-rate supply plan is best for you or if you want to know if you should get a long-term or short-term contract, feel free to call to talk with a representative.

    It's also a good idea to read over your energy bill and see how many kilowatt hours you used last month. Some energy plans require you to use a minimum or maximum number of kilowatt hours per month or additional charges may apply.

    Texans get to enjoy energy choice, and Pflugerville electricity is no exception. Take advantage of the energy marketplace and call an energy representative today.

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