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Renewable energy in Texas

Texas may not be the state that comes to mind when you think of green energy, but perhaps it should be. The state produces by far the most wind energy in the United States. In December 2020, it also produced the second-most solar energy in the nation, according to the federal Energy Information Administration.

Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t have to involve installing your own solar panels or wind turbine. It’s as easy as choosing a renewable energy plan by using the Choose Texas Power marketplace.

First, let’s look at green energy, whether there’s any difference between green and renewable energy, sources of green and renewable energy, and the providers that sell renewable energy plans.

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What is green energy, and are green and renewable energy the same thing?

Green energy is energy that that is produced without creating carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming and ultimately, most scientists believe, climate change. Renewable energy comes from sources that don’t run out. There’s a finite amount of fossil fuel in the planet, for example.

The terms often are used interchangeably, but many green advocates object to this. They argue that sources such as biomass – wood and other plants that are burned to produce fuel – aren’t necessarily carbon-free.

That’s not to say that there aren’t critics of green sources, either. Many complain that solar panels contain heavy (and hazardous) metals and that massive wind turbine blades cam wind up in landfills.

Now let’s look at different renewable energy sources:

  • Texas is the king of wind power. It generates more than a quarter of the nation’s electricity that comes from this source. The wind turns giant turbines that turn rotors connected to a generator.
  • Photovoltaic panels function as semiconductors, with positive and negative sides. Conductors attached to each create a circuit, converting electrons from sunlight into electricity.
  • Geothermal: Hot water and steam from underground reservoirs drive turbines connected to generators.
  • Hydro: Dams channel water through turbines that drive generators.
  • Biomass: Plant and animal matter is burned or turned into a liquid or gas that is burned. Either way produces heat to drive turbines.

How to purchase a renewable energy plan

It’s not difficult. For one thing, every Texas electricity plan contains a percentage of renewable energy. You can find the amount in the Electricity Facts Label included with the plan’s documentation.

Many providers include multiple options with some percentage of green energy, and many will allow you to increase that amount.

Four Choose Texas Power providers only sell green energy plans:

To see what’s available, enter your ZIP code on this page. Then, using the same tactics you would to choose or switch a regular plan, sort through the options. Filter for green energy, then look at rates, terms, no-deposit options, and more to settle on a plan that’s right for you.

FAQs about green energy

If I buy a renewable plan, will green energy be delivered to my home?

No. Your provider will purchase carbon offsets or renewable energy credits to match your usage. Money from the offsets or credits is used to fund more renewable projects.

Is green energy more expensive than traditional energy?

It truly depends on how you count costs. Tax credits and other factors have brought costs down for renewables, and they now approach or in some cases fall below pricing for electricity generated by fossil fuels.

Is nuclear power green?

The answer is up for debate. Nuclear plants don’t generate carbon dioxide, but they do have a problem with wastes. So it’s difficult to classify them as truly green.

What if my power goes out? Who do I call?

Anytime you have a power outage in Texas, you should call your utility – not your provider. The utility is responsible for getting electricity to your home. It also maintains and repairs powerlines and other equipment used to transmit electricity.

Shop for a renewable plan

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Deregulated energy made easy

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