Get Renewable Power in Texas

Whether you install your own distributed generation system with solar panels or wind turbines or you choose to purchase renewable energy through your retail electricity provider, Texas renewable energy puts you at the forefront of the renewable power revolution.

  • Cleaner air and water: Burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere. GHG contribute to global climate change, rising sea levels and unpredictable weather patterns that can be costly in terms of human and economic losses. Burning fossil fuels also releases contaminants in to the air and water near the power generation source. Alternative energy sources can produce the same electricity in a greener way. You can shrink your carbon footprint, help curb climate change and reduce air and water pollution when you choose renewable electricity.
  • A more reliable grid: Even if we're not ready to completely transition to renewable energy sources of power, supplementing the grid with green electricity helps increase grid reliability. You can also produce your own green electricity by installing solar panels or wind turbines at home. If the grid goes down for some reason, you may be able to keep your power on using your on-site renewable power generation system.
  • Domestically produced energy: Texas is one of the leading producers of wind energy in America. Increasing our domestically produced energy decreases our reliance on foreign sources of energy. Renewable electricity is a key element in our energy independence strategy.

Alternative energy equals alternative income

Energy choice affects over half of the country—some for electricity, some for natural gas, and some for both. These open markets benefit consumers by driving competition. When energy suppliers compete for your money, you win. The more you know about what they’re offering and why, the more you could possibly save in the long run.

Choose a renewable energy plan

If you're not ready to install your own renewable power generation system, you can still support renewable electricity in Texas. Choose a green electricity plan from your provider and offset a percentage of your monthly consumption with renewable electricity. Your support of renewable power helps to further develop renewable electricity in Texas.