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Green energy in Texas

Whether you install your own distributed generation system or choose to purchase renewable energy through your retail electricity provider, going green puts you at the forefront of the clean power revolution in Texas.

The Lone Star State has become a clear leader in green energy – it ranks first in the nation for wind power generation and fifth for solar, according to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA). This makes it a great place for residents and businesses to get started with renewable power. To learn more about green energy options in your area, enter your ZIP code above or continue reading below.

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Why choose clean power

These days, green energy is so plentiful in Texas that it does not need to be more expensive. Though some companies try to engage in green pricing – raising the price on clean energy plans simply because they use renewable sources – competition in the state’s deregulated market keeps green energy rates down. A few reasons to consider green energy plans include:

A healthier planet. Burning fossil fuels creates the greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change and release contaminants into the air and water near the power generation source. Alternative energy sources can produce the same electricity with steeply reduced pollution levels.

A more reliable grid. Supplementing the grid with green electricity helps increase grid reliability by diversifying resources. You can also produce your own electricity by installing solar panels or wind turbines at home. If the grid goes down for some reason, you may be able to keep your power on using your on-site renewable power generation system.

A stronger domestic market. Increasing domestically produced energy decreases reliance on foreign sources of energy. Renewable electricity is a key element in the country’s energy independence strategy and buying a green energy plan contributes to that.

An alternative source of income. Some energy companies offer buyback programs that purchase excess energy from their customers’ home solar panels or wind turbines. If you don’t use all the energy your system produces, you may be able to earn money or credits for future energy bills.

Types of renewable energy plans

Installing solar panels or wind turbines at your home or business is just one way to invest in green energy. However, you don’t have to face large upfront costs or equipment management to go green in Texas. There are many different types of renewable energy plans to suit consumers’ needs. These are the types of green energy plans you may see in the Choose Texas Power marketplace:

Carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are another way to “neutralize” your energy usage. With this plan, your energy will come from fossil fuels, but your retail electricity provider (REP) will invest in projects that reduce the CO2 emissions associated with fossil fuel energy.

Renewable energy credits (RECs). RECs prove that the same amount of energy used came back onto the grid through renewable sources. With a REC program, your REP purchases RECs to offset all or a portion of your energy usage. The energy you use does not necessarily come directly from renewable sources.

100 percent renewable energy. This is what it sounds like. These plans guarantee the energy that powers your home comes directly from renewable sources such as wind or solar. Sometimes REC plans that offset 100 percent of your usage are labeled 100 percent renewable, so read the Electricity Facts Label carefully.

For more detailed information about the green energy plans available in your area, enter your ZIP code above.

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